60's Style Makeup - guess what, you're already wearing it!

So what is 60's makeup? Well, it can be summed up with one word: EYELINER. That's right people - major eyeliner was the look of the decade. Lucky for us, this classic look is easy to do and looks great on everyone.

The inspiration of the decade - Ms. Twiggy
Recycled into the 20th century and considered to be edgy

The master of the 60's Sex Kitten look - the fabulously French, Ms. Bardot
Goldie Hawn looking innocent yet alluring....

Drew Barrymore holding her own with a classic 60's look 

Ms. Audrey looking divine!

Modern and Sultry with a splash of tranny/MAC Salesgirl thrown in. Right? Love the faux fur !
Modern Perfection. Think she uses Latisse? Have you tried it? Now is the perfect time to get your long lashes on. Gob on a ton of mascara - and you're set for the 60's look.

I use MAC Fluid line brush to make my eyes stand out. The product stays on until removed, and highlights my eyes better than any other pencil or liner. What is your favorite eyeliner?  Have you tried the white liner on the inside lower rim?

Want to know how to do this fabulous look at home? Complete with the fab center crease? Check out Jesse's VLOG, which was inspired by the BEAUTIFUL Ms. Julianne Moore from the movie 'A Single Man'. 

The 60's Recycled Fashion segment wraps up this week with READER'S photos being published on THURSDAY. Want to join in on the fun? Send me your own personal 60's inspired pic (hair, outfit, makeup - etc) to hot.pink.combat.boots@gmail.com



Christianna said...

Awewww, so this should be my answer when people ask me why I always wear eye liner!

Sarah Pearson said...

Too late for me, but I'll send the link to my kid :-)

victoryvintageb said...

Love the era, the style, the makeup all of it! Just watched the tutorial and inspired to try my own mod twiggy eye ;-) I'll let you know how that goes. I already have the lashes in my drawer ;-)

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Eyeliner and mascara is my only make-up musts. I just love it! However, my lashes are so light that I always get a "highlighted" line between where my lashes and and my eyeliner begins.

Miss K said...

i love the look! esp bc it's so focused on your eyes and that's my largest feature