OKTOBERFEST aka VOLKSFEST - the best festival ever.

Wow! What a trip. I had so much fun and can not get over how nice everyone was. You know how people say Germans can be gruff and rude? Nope - not at Volksfest anyways. People were over the top friendly, so it was one big HAPPY fest.

Quick PHOTO post on the festival. Let's just say Friday's EUROTRASH is going to DELUXE!!!!!

The outfit. No one else wore hats at the festival, so I was the weird girl with the Robin Hood hat a trendsetter

Loved the back detail of the vest. Pants were opshopped (and stretched out from sitting. Sorry for the bum shot - trying to show the back detail of the outfit). Vest and shirt from Pimkie. Hat - Austria road trip.
Leather Romanian boots - opshopped. H&M socks.

Necklace - Pimkie (long, doubled up)

Crazy busy. Everyone was standing on the tables and singing to modern German music. Or...American music in German. No Polka or Chicken dance at this festival. Must be an American thing. This is one of MANY tents.  

I couldn't get over how YOUNG these guys were. The minimum drinking age in the tents is the tender age of 15.

This is a FAMILY EVENT. Children and the elderly joined in the festivities. Yes - they were standing on the tables too.

These cookie necklaces had 'phrases' on them.  

The train ride home. It was PACKED.  Everyone was singing and dancing, the whole train was swaying. With this many people, you'd think there would be fights or arguments? Nope -everyone was Happy, Friendly and Smiling. Who doesn't love that?

This style of dress was EVERYWHERE. Modest yet lovely.

More dresses.Personally I prefer the trousers since the benches are wet and no always clean.

Some of my coworkers. They were a blast!

More to come!!



Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Kittens. I switched to a new version of 'blogger'. Do you like it / hate it? Its quite a bit different - but seems to load quicker. Lmk.

Michelle :)

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

You looks so cute, what a amazing experience looks like so much fun.

Tanya said...

omg!!! I love your Oktoberfest outfit!! You look awesome!

The town where I went to university had a ton of German people so Oktoberfest was always a huge deal there. I miss it! Being in ACTUAL Germany for this must be amazing.

Krista said...

What a fun day, your outfit is perfect, love that vest and those chunky boots but that hat is my fav. I want a cookie necklace, not really but they are a cute idea. Boys can drink at 15 at that event, wow. Just wow!

Miss K said...

i love the hat! it look great on you!!!!!!!!!

idk about the new blogger, i'm still getting used to it. i'll let you know though.

Christianna said...

This looks like so much fun! I love your outfit so much! Thanks for sharing!

IDK how I feel about the new blogger?

Sarah Pearson said...

So many people! You look like you had a blast :-)

Regarding the new blogger - i can see your pictures, read your posts and say hi - so it's all good :-)

victoryvintageb said...

I do like the new blog setup. I thought about doing that to mine and might upgrade soon too. Looks like a lovely time and AWESOME photos! Love the Beer Garten table with all the liederhosen (sp?) dudes so jolly...Weiner Schnitzels n all lol ;-)
Love to see you enjoying the culture and sharing it with us,