Puppet Party. Bad Krueznach - Day 2.

What??? A Puppet Party? I'm sure you're wondering what I could possibly be referring to. Here's the story:

While visiting Bad Krueznach, I decided to do something beyond my traditional shopping expedition at H&M. What could compete with H&M?

Well..... since I loved the town so much, I wanted to learn more about it. I bought a museum pass and visited all 3 museums! SHOCKER - I know. I trekked through the most gorgeous parks to get there and these are the 3 museums I visited:

1. A gorgeous MANSION from the 1800's, complete with family photos and household items. YAWN.

2. ROMAN RUINS excavated from the nearby town and exhibited in a gorgeous building. BORING.

3. The Puppet Museum. AWESOME!!! I couldn't get over how much fun this museum was, and it was absolutely fascinating to see how much work was involved with creating the various styles of puppets. It was very interactive, so I jumped right in and played along with the kids.

As always - the trip in photos:

I couldn't resist........
This was so much fun!! I'm sparing you too........I really have 6 different photos with these masks.

Remember these types of puppet shows?

Here is a peak at the backside. Simple stuff, right?

The creation process of a puppet head. Styrofoam - check. Cardboard - check. Newspaper and glue - check.

Add some artistic flair - and you can end up with this. Pretty creative, right?

Cool puppets from Morocco. I wonder what their show would be about? Snake charming and magic carpets?

These ones kill you while you're sleeping.

Remember Punch and Judy? These were made from the same artist.

Casual outfit for day 2 in Bad Krueznach. Doesn't my hand holding the camera look GIANT? Hat, bag, gloves, tank and scarf - H&M. Ratty black zip-up:North Face. Green lesbian-esque hiker pants:North Face. I make fun of these pants, but I love them. They are lightweight, convert to capris for warm weather, dry in 5 minutes and are wrinkle free. Not the cutest - but oh so practical and perfect for traveling.
See this water bottle? It has been a lifesaver in Germany. Mr C. sent this to me from the States and it has a built-in water filter. Perfect for filling up in the restroom sinks. Water here is EXPENSIVE and hard to find. More often than not, it's carbonated (which is great with a meal) - but it doesn't quench your thirst if parched. Not to mention you feel like a bloated cow after drinking it. If you're a water drinker and traveling in Europe - this bottle is a MUST HAVE. (Brita) 

So not to mislead you........I did still go to H&M (I couldn't resist...it's European H&M - I HAVE to go). Lucky me, all of their pretty undergarments were on sale. Whoo-hoo!! Now if I could only figure how to shove all of this stuff in my suitcase. Oh well, I guess I'll have to buy another trunk.......

5 days left!!!!


Christianna said...

That puppet museum sounds like so much fun! It looks like so much fun as well! I love finding random hidden gems on travels! And those pants are cute, not weird!

Miss K said...

the puppet museum sounds awesome!! and those one puppets are super creepy for sure.

Claire said...

some of those puppets freak me out ever so slightly....

Krista said...

I love puppets the creepy factor is HUGE for me. I love when they are jointed! Again you look amazing great tip on the filtered water bottle. Who would have thought?

Sarah Pearson said...

This brought back memories of visiting the toy museum as a child :-)

Sarah Allen said...

Haha! Ok, that officially looks like one of the awesomest things ever. So jealous :)

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Bibi said...

I have a brita bottle like that and love it. it's really a lifesaver, but I wish they'd redesign the top a little more so it would be easier to drink out of :)
Some of the puppets do look creepy hahaha!