Down to 2 weeks......

In case you didn't know, my time here is quickly coming to a close. I leave Germany at the end of the month and will return to my lovely home state of Washington (which oddly enough, looks exactly like Germany...).

As I'm thinking about my life back home, I decided to pull up the 'entertainment publication' for my city and see what EXCITING EVENTS were scheduled for the next month. Not to be cynical - but it was LAME. And when I say lame (I'm actually saying 'luh-aaame' in my head), I mean 'poke-a-pencil-in-your-eye-because-there-is-nothing-to-do' lame.

For example........the arts and culture section features an art 'viewing' of watercolor birds (BORING), and the following day there is a play at the 'community college' about a 'Receptionist' (double yawn and envisioning a crowd in sweat pants).  No way. Really, that's it?

Come on people.....I'm not trying to be spoiled princess here - but seriously? How do I go from European life back to small town goodness? It's going to be hard, it really is. If it wasn't for Mr. C I'd probably sell everything and move to Seattle (or to Europe if I could figure out how to make that happen.). I love my city and it is my hometown, but it's not a place of extreme culture or excitement. In its defense, it has grown tremendously over the last decade, but it's still very small and quite conservative.

Adjusting will be a challenge, and honestly I'm a bit nervous about it. After living in a dorm room for 6 months, my home is going to seem HUGE. I joke with my coworkers that when I get home I'll MOVE A MICROWAVE and REFRIGERATOR into my MASTER BEDROOM and just end up living and cooking there. Jokes of course..... but what if there is some truth to that? I have a feeling that a different kind of adventure is headed my way. And lucky you, you'll be right there with me.

Needless to say,  I'm trying to squeeze in as much as possible before I leave. I'm off this weekend so I'm taking the train to Brugges and Ghent BELGIUM!!!! I will pig out on chocolate and seafood, and try to absorb as much culture and history as possible.

This is Brugges - isn't it pretty? Its referred to as the Venice of Europe.
I have some posts scheduled for the weekend, and there will be fresh Belgium posts all next week. Hang in there my friends , I'll get my blogging routine back. It's just a bit chaotic with the upcoming transition and wrapping up loose ends for the return trip home.



Krista said...

I can imagine getting your groove back will take some time, but just give yourself that. Come visit me in Portland we can do some shopping and have a lovely dinner out!

Christianna said...

Wow, that sounds like it'll be a crazy adjustment! Hopefully it all goes rather smoothly though!

And your weekend trip sounds beyond lovely! Can't wait to hear about that either!

Sarah Pearson said...

You'll just have to make the entertainment yourself when you get home ;-)

Claudia Moser said...

I am actually so sorry that we did not have a chance to meet! As for home, remember it is HOME :)

Anastasios said...

Oh dear, a big change :)
Lucky us indeed, we'll be around you anyway! I guess it's going to be different but then again, you never know what life brings next.
At the moment enjoy your trip and try if you can to extend it to Amsterdam to show you around with a rented Fifi. That would be Vivi as in Netherlands (and especially in Amsterdam v is pronounced as f :)

Brugges is great and the name comes from brug which in Flemish means bridge :)

Sarah Elisabeth said...

I hope you'll be able to adjust and find some enjoyment in being home. Completely understandable as my American exchange friend Berit is not enjoying being back home in the US, but you adjust and you find your place again. If not, just go travel again!:)

Shasta Anne said...

You are not over exaggerating about our local lack of culture. This is why I am currently stock piling food, vodka and wine for the Fall & Winter, little culture = I have to create my own culture and/or be drunk to survive. : )

I received the MOST amazing package from you today!!! Thank you so much! I love every single item and I cannot wait to pour over the magazines with a big glass of wine! Thank you!


Helga! said...

O,how exciting to be going home....and not!!! Home is always the most wonderful place to be,and with all the amazing experiences you've had whilst you've been on your stint will make you a popular dinner guest,I would imagine!!It will seem quiet and sedate,I suppose!You'll just have to keep on a travelling.....maybe to other parts of the world?!

Tanya said...

that's going to be some transition!!! I can't even imagine what it's going to be like for you, going from a place where you can hop on a train and end up in a different country in a few hours to..... washington state. hehe.. You should just move to Seattle :D

Kelli Nørgaard said...

You have seen and done SO much in your time there!!

And I have to close are you to SEattle? I am there at least once a year and in fact will be there in late Nov! :-)