Essential Oils -skin magic by Linda Rodin + DIY

For the past month or so I've been reading a lot about essential oils, and how wonderful they can be for your face, hair and body. I have to admit it seems counter productive to put oil back on our face after I've spent all of this time (and money) to keep an oil-free complexion.

However, as I'm getting tired of shelling out major money on skin care with often times limited-results, I'm beginning to look at this idea of oils differently. Moroccan oil works wonders in my hair, so why  not consider the use of essential oils elsewhere?

Let me introduce to you Ms. Linda Rodin - the mastermind behind Rodin Olio. Five years ago the former supermodel and stylist for mega-size company's (Victoria's Secret being one...) began mixing essential oils in her bathroom to experiment with the perfect blend for her face.  She packaged it and started handing it out to her model and make-up artist friends.

You can guess the rest of the story.........the product took off and is now selling at $140 an ounce (if you can even find it). Ms. Rodin has expanded her line and is now featuring makeup and other skin care products.

So how does it work? Wash your face, pat dry and spread 1-2 drops on. That's it.

Supposedly (according to happy reviewers EVERYWHERE) your face is radiant and the blend of oils smooths out your complexion, eliminates discolorations and leaves your skin looking and feeling dewy - not oily. 

I'm sold, but wait..........couldn't I make this stuff myself or find another equally fabulous substitute? I found this bottle by NUXE in Stuttgart - has anyone heard of it or tried it?

Using Linda as an inspiration (she's 63 btw and referred to as 'SILVER FOXY'), I wanted to try experimenting with essential oils too. Using websites such as IHERB, you can stock up on various oils for a great price. I thought I would be able to find some in Germany but it has been more difficult than I anticipated. The oils here are usually blended with fragrances for aromatherapy purposes (you don't want those - save your money).

Ms. Voe
When you look at your current product ingredients, don't you ever wonder 'What is all of this stuff?' Now I'm not saying I'm going to chuck my favorite products, but curious to know what is really needed and what could be managed more naturally? Between hair bleaching, pharmaceuticals, nail polish and every other chemical my body is exposed too - I'm drawn to the idea of using something more natural (it still has to be wildy effective. Don't worry, I'm not going GREEN and ORGANIC on you. Not by a long shot).

My friend Voe from LIPSTICK AND PEARLS is a UK student studying to be a Biomedical Scientist (impressive, no?), and her blog features popular skin care products that she cracks-the-code on and discloses what they really are (and if they are worth the investment). She also features RECIPES for organic and DIY beauty treatments. A must read!

Why not create your own custom blends of oils? You can buy these empty amber vials on eBay and share your next custom blended oil with your friends. Even better yet, create tags and sell them at your next Farmers Market or Beauty Fair.

The main oils that are beneficial to your face: sweet almond, rose hip, argan, jasmine, calendula, juniper, neroli, rosemary, jojoba, evening primrose, apricot, arnica and sunflower. 

BONUS: Essential oils have many other uses including soaps, foot baths, candles, massage oils, aromatherapy and overall relaxation purposes.

Has anyone else experimented with oils for skin use? Any suggestions? Any web links for products??


This is Linda Rodin's dog Winky. Love, love love this dog! Oh and Linda's apartment is pretty cool too. You can check out a slide show of her NYC place HERE.


Helga! said...

I love essential oils! I've been using a cream I make for years now as a moisturiser and cleanser! It's a base of aqueous cream with frankincense,rosehip,patchouli,sweet almond oils, and whatever else I feel like.....No method,though,which is probably naughty.......Yay for Linda,she's onto it! XXX

Miss K said...

that's sounds pretty cool, i've never worked with oils before for skincare, but i would definitely be interested in it.

Pia said...

The Little Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets says NUXE are some of the to-have products, especially their dry oil. I couldn't find this product in the States, but heard it could be found here in Germany. I'll be out looking for some too now.

DaphYin said...

Great post on oils! I've never used skin oils but now that you've mentioned all of this I'd like to take a try! Awesome blog! I followed :)

Anonymous said...

its a german online shop where you can buy all sorts of natural oils and other stuff for making your own cosmetics.