Old and New - it's so confusing

I took a day trip to Frankfurt yesterday, and it was very......odd. Mixed in with castles was modern and State of the Art buildings. The city was packed with locals and tourists alike, shopping to their hearts content at stores like Louis Vuitton, Prada and Gucci.

Recession? Nope, not here.

I have NO IDEA what is going on with my hands in the above picture. It actually looks like I have TALONS or something. Great. At least I'm rocking a faux-fur wrap from Orsay and paired with my navy A-line skirt from Rome. Over-the-knee gray socks by the fabulous H&M, trench jacket and leather boots opshopped.

My photo inspiration (apparently)

See how the building is concave in the middle. This is the shopping mall - impressive, no?

Just another pub. Even after 6 months, I still can't get over how beautiful the buildings are in Germany.

I found FIFI a fun girlfriend in city. Well, I thought she'd be fun but she just ended up being quiet because she's a bike. A bit snooty, actually.

The Metz-Platz. See how the roof line has 'steps'? This is considered a Franconian design, versus Bavarian.

The view across from the Franconian buildings.

Of course there is a gorgeous cathedral hiding out in the back. When you're in a new city, just look for the steeple and you will usually find the city center with great shopping and cafes.

Starbucks are ALL OVER.

Technology was over the top. Even McDonald's could only be ordered by using a kiosk. This city trip was incredible - yet confusing.  I suppose it isn't any different that fashion, where we mix high and low pieces for a unique look. Frankfurt is an eclectic city where you find yourself marveling at the high (modern), yet relishing in the the low (historical).



Claudia Moser said...

Sorry that I did not know, we could have met :(

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Claudia!! Darn - I didn't even think of that. It was one of those last minute trips. Do German's celebrate Columbus Day? I was shocked to see so many kids out during the middle of they day.

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Wow, you know when we were going down to Rome we had a layover in Frankfurt and one of my first thoughts there was that I wondered if you were living near Frankfurt! Funny that you went there shortly after! You looked great by the way, love the coat!

Talitha said...

I love all the old fashioned buildings, makes it feel very vintage :)

You look amazing in that outfit, the fur stole really completes it

I am also extremely jealous of your trips everywhere and I need to figure out how to stow away in your luggage the next time. But seeing as I am aaaaalll the way in Australia, I may be waiting a while haha.

Talitha xx

Krystal said...

I've never been to Frankfurt! It looks cool though!

Sarah Pearson said...

Some of these buildings are absolutely beautiful, but I'm sorry the Metz-Platz reminded me of a lego building. You, as usual, looked divine :-)

Krista said...

Great images! I can even see this mix of old and new in downtown Portland. You look amazing btw, love that outfit!

Christianna said...

This sounds like a wonderful place to visit! I love the pictures! It's beautiful, yet weird and quirky! How fun!

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

It seems like it would be kind of cool to see all those types of architecture together! These buildings look amazing. That's the most beautiful Starbucks I've ever seen, haha. And you look very chic for a day in the city with your faux fur wrap and boots!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures! I cannot wait to visit Europe - especially Germany! That architecture is gorgeous. I obviously love the old buildings the most, but that mall with the concave part is amazing.

I love your outfit. Guess it's cold there? I can't wait for cooler temps = sweater weather!

Victoria said...

Wonderful photos!

claire said...

wow, that concave building is just fabulous!

Lovely Light said...

Great pictures!