Hello Kittens!The countdown has officially started. I have 6 days left in Germany. 6!!! So where have I been for the last 2 days?? I slipped away to visit Bad Krueznach again (the Roman Spa town).

I didn't take FIFI this time due to our pending break-up the cold weather and the walking-friendly nature of the city. Remember Zohan the Turkish hairstylist that owns a Paul Mitchell salon? He did such a great job with my hair that I travelled again just so I would have good hair for Mr. C next week.

As always.... here is a VISUAL TOUR of Bad Krueznach, Hot Pink Combat Boot's style: (read: thoughtful and witty dictations):

FUH-REEZING at the train station. See my 'To-Go' cup? It screams, "Hi, I'm an AMERICAN". German's sit and drink their hot beverages (along with 10 cigarettes). I couldn't help it - it was soooooo cold. Stupid train was 25 minutes late. See the CREEPER in the back? His smelly cigartette kept wafting in my direction. Pew.

I checked into my hotel and they had these great FALL displays all over the lobby and restaurant. Glass cylinders full of squash, branches, chestnuts and random mish-mash. Loved it - such a simple display of the season.
I had my hair bleach by Zohan, but he did such a MASSIVE blow-out, that I looked like a SOCCER MOM with short-BIG-hair. Thus the hat. Actually, I noticed my hair is BREAKING OFF, so it's now a HAT WEEKEND until I can get home and put deep conditioner on it. 

See what a difference a faux-fur stole does to the jacket? It's like - voila: instant GLAM! I am now off to explore new parts of the city. (stole, scarf, jacket, tank top, gloves, hat: H&M - told you I have an H&M shopping problem.....)

I went for a stroll and saw this beautiful park. Aren't the colors gorgeous? The leaves were falling as I walked under the trees.

For those in the know, I"m OBSESSED with chalkboard art and signs. I love the artwork on the windows too. Isn't this a cool restaurant? I've been practicing my chalkboard skills thanks to my IPAD app. When I get home to the States I have BIG PLANS to use this type of art on many different surfaces.
So here is the BIG STORY: meet Gisella (sp?)

I was starving and went to a random hotel restaurant for lunch. The one staff member did not speak English and my charades were not getting my anywhere. I hear a voice behind me and Gisella says......"I speak English, what do you need?" When I explained I wanted to sit and eat lunch, she said "Would you like to sit with me?"  and I said "yes, of course - thank you so much". ( I suppose that basic part of the conversation was unecessary to add - but it was so nice to hear that I'm adding it anyways).

She then translated the menu and ordered for me since 'Mr. Wolfgang-Waiter' had ZERO English skills.  We continued on with a fantastic conversation, and had the BEST TIME. She too was visiting and doing the famous Radon-Therapy treatments (google it - it's pretty cool) that are only available in Bad Krueznach.

Come to find out....... her daughter Julia is an architect and lives in SEATTLE. Seriously?!! What are the odds of that? Gisella graciously gave me her daughters phone number so I could call her when I get to the states (which I will do for sure). Such a small world.....Traveling alone is a mixed blessing. On the plus side, it's nice to be able to do what you want, but it can be lonely- especially when it comes to meal time. It was such a small gesture to invite me to her table, but I appreciated it so much. It truly made my entire trip memorable!

This is just DAY 1 of 2. Crazy, right? I have the best luck with my get-away trips.

Bad Krueznach - day 2
Farewell to FIFI - the hand off
I have so much CRAP. Seriously.
Farewell Germany. You've been good to me.



Miss K said...

i am in love w your fur stole!!! sad to see your trips coming to an end, but glad you'll be back in the good ol USofA!

Miss K said...

oh and it is the sweetest thing that Gisella had you for lunch, so super cute!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

First off - I received my package! Thanks so much! I apologize for not emailing you sooner but I was on vacation and have been pretty sick :(

I love the steins - thank you!

Secondly, you may be cold but you look adorable :) And what a small world to have met that woman!

Lovely Light said...

Interesting that the "to go" cup identifies you as a tourist. It is very American I guess. You hair always looks great!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

6days left OMG that has gone so fast. I love your little trips away they are always fun and I love your fur!

Sarah Pearson said...

How lovely that you got to meet a new friend - with a promise of another to come when you get home.

You will still be blogging when you get home, right?

Krista said...

You look fanfriggintastic, you are a blonde bombshell! I love the story about Gisella (that was my great G-ma's name). I wish you well on the rest of your trip and I'm sure Mr. C is getting pretty excited to give you a big long HUG!

Christianna said...

I love those moments where you meet someone really cool! This reminds me of last year when I was on a mission trip in San Fransisco, and we met this awesome girl from Australia in our hostel, and she hung out with all 25 of us, throughout the weekend!

Angela said...

I find that for the most part, people in Europe are so much friendlier and willing to help. Having a random stranger invite you to sit with them at their table would basically never happen in North America. When we first moved into our house here in Malta- within 20 minutes we had our neighbors (being nosy hehe) stopping by our house to introduce themselves and tell us if we need anything to knock on their door! I found that VERY odd at the time but in Canada we lived in the same house for a couple of years and didn't even speak to our neighbors or even know their names lol. So nice to be able to spend your last trip there again. As always love seeing the photos too.

Kelli Nørgaard said...

I LOVE that she offered to have you at her table... I am SOOOO going to do that the next time I am traveling alone! You never know what cool people you will meet!

GREAT story!

Sarah Elisabeth said...

I absolutely adore your style. Looks like you had a wonderful time, and I love the story about Giselle!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing trip! Love all your outfits!

I love the story about Gisella. O remember our German teacher telling us that practically everyone in Germany speaks English (not true!) and that they often eat "family style" (meaning that you get to sit with random people - which I love!)

Have a fabulous weekend! :)

Bibi said...

That is crazy! Glad you found Giselle at lunch :)