OKTOBERFEST Bound!! Stuttgart, Germany.

Hello Kittens!

I'm taking the weekend off to celebrate one of my favorite holiday's - OKTOBERFEST! This will be my first time celebrating it in Germany, so I am BEYOND excited to have this opportunity. 

Last Fall I won the costume competition for my city - so I am a self-proclaimed Oktoberfest professional (American Style, of course). I've been practicing the chicken dance in my head, and have my green Bavarian hat with the GIANT feather. It is on!

Let me guess......you're probably wondering why am I going to Stuttgart instead of Munich? 

Simply put - Stuttgart is the best festival in Germany. Sad to say, Munich has grown into one big TOURIST TRAP, filled with AMATEURS and disgusting BARFERS. No thanks. I want the real-deal.

Stuttgart's festival is called 'Volksfest', and it mirrors where Munich's festival was 10 years ago.  The attendees are German, and the food options are top quality. There are carnival rides, live music (oompa - of course) and unique shops. 

Yes - there are mountains and mountains of 'high-octane unfiltered hop-goodness' (I'm talking about BEER if you didn't know where I was going with that overly descriptive sentence), but this trip is so much MORE than that. It is an opportunity to observe this beautiful country's rich heritage directly. A time to meet new friends, and also to enjoy another incredible experience  that will bring me inspiration later on.

Me and several co-workers are hitting the train shortly - bound for an adventure. You know the people watching and photo-ops are going to be OVER THE TOP! Fresh postings on Monday!! The GIVEAWAY winner will be announced next week as well!



Krista said...

Have a blast I can't wait to see pictures!

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

This sounds incredible! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos too. Oh man, just thinking about Oktoberfest makes me hungry, haha.

Jenni said...

take a ton of pictures!! I have "attend Oktoberfest in Germany" on my bucket list...one day i hope :) until then i will be going to Oktoberfest here in NY near West Point (not exactly the same thing but its the best i can do right now hahaha) Have fun !!!

Sarah Pearson said...

Make sure you have a wonderful time, and yes, lots of pictures please :-)