Bonjour and Au Revoir!

French lady
Bonjour Dolls!

I'm off to a quick trip to Paris (it's only 4 hours away by car). Please be safe on this sad day for the U.S. (9/11)

Be back on Tuesday. Au Revoir!


Miss K said...

have fun! can't wait to hear all about it!

Tyler said...

Since you are in the Military and I'm sure 9/11 impacted you in some way, would you so kindly share that with us? I would LOVE to hear your story! Were you in the Air Force when it happened? If not, did it spark something in you to sign up?

Have fun in Paris!

Sarah Pearson said...

Drive carefully, have fun and come back safely.

Helga! said...

O,I do hope you are having a fab time!! Definelty a bonus of being stationed over in Germany is the closeness of fab Euro destinations! Jealous of the travel bit!
I don't know how I missed your last couple of posts,but did you get your Farcebook(as I call it) link done?? Networked blogs or Bloglovin' ( I think) do it if you haven't!
Be safe!

Barby said...

Lucky you :D Have fun.

Bibi said...

Have fun in Paris! :) Your card arrived, I'm working on a post for it. Thank you so much!!! I LOVED it :)


Anonymous said...

can i please jet set with you?!?!!? i need outta norway pronto for a weekend :)

and i am giving you a shout your postcard! i need to send you one asap before you move!!!!!! <3

you are the best! have fun in paris!

Lindsey said...

Excuse?? PARIS!!!!! SO jeal, but I can't wait to see pics. Have so much fun and please find some Euro trash while you are there so I can laugh.