60's Style - PUCCI Galore!

An ode to a master, who's inspiring and unique prints are still in demand today.  For those not in the know - designer Emilio Pucci has quite the background. His biography can be found HERE. This posting is a tribute to the Pucci label and also to Mr. Emilio Pucci himself. 

Fall 2011

You're in for a big treat! My dear friend Brande from Victory Vintage has a fantastic VLOG covering her major find of VINTAGE PUCCI, along with PUCCI inspired prints. If only I was so lucky to find Pucci opshopping!

Do you have any PUCCI pieces? Have you found any pieces at the thrift store or somewhere unusual? Do tell! Send me your photo(s) at hot.pink.combat.boots@gmail.com for the readers edition of 60's style.
The 60's fun continues with the remaining posts for this fantastic decade. The final segments will post next week:

60'S - Women's fashion
60's -  Hair and Make-UP
60's -  Readers Edition, featuring your photos, Vlogs and Tips! Join the fun - send me your contribution by Monday. Thanks kittens! (I'm changing my lingo from 'dolls' to 'kittens'. It just feels right).


Christianna said...

Wow, he's a brilliant designer! I didn't know about him before. But I'm glad you brought him up! Would you mind if I sent you in a post about 60's music? It's kinda my thing!!!

Anastasios said...

60s galore over all :) Fantastic!
Nice to see your Emilio Pucci post! Such a designer and still what a fashion house! I love your 60s posts and will keep an eye on for the upcoming ones :)

Talitha said...

Oh wow, how gorgeous are those designs? Very geometrical, and it's all coming back into trends.

I have no pieces of Pucci, but I dont think I could afford it!!

Great post lovely, loving the retro look.

Talitha xx

Krista said...

Pucci Pucci Poo!!! OMG the video was cool, beautiful peices I'm drooling...I love hearing the baby towards the end adorable!!!! I'm gonna have to check her out!

Sarah Pearson said...

I'll be honest, I didn't think I liked this designer, but some of these pieces are fabulous. Serves me right for believing what I see in the tabloids :-)