War, Paris, Injured, Pastries - not your typical week

Life can be funny. 

Thinking back over the last 6 days, I have gone from one extreme to the other. One day after work we're 'playing war', the next day we're carrying real wounded soldiers off the airplane, and then before I realize it  - I'm in France dining on perfect pastries and surrounded by beauty.

Its overwhelming and incredible all at the same time, and its such a gift. Here is a week in photos.  

Playing 'war' includes hassling the female iraqi's (aka: co-workers) to make sure they are not carrying bombs or weapons. I tried to have a 'MEAN FACE' on for the photo, but it ended up looking like I ate something sour.  The 'HAPPY FACE' photo is better (and more authentic since I'm always smiling). Could you imagine having to wear the blue birka? My girlfriend Michelle was so hot and miserable in this outfit.

Due to certain 'events' at work, I almost didn't get to go to Paris on 9/11. Instead of going back to work late at night, I agreed to 'Mow the PARK SIZED lawn' at work instead as a form of 'trade'. Please note that I have NEVER mowed the lawn before, and yes- it sucked. Totally worth it though. YAY - I'm Paris bound!!
Remember this outfit from Strausbourg France?

And it was inspired by this French Mime?

The inspiration continues!

Hello Paris! And thank you to the patient co-workers who played along with my request to take my picture PAPPARAZZI STYLE.

I found my DREAM apartment in the Passy District

While in Paris I strolled all day and looked at art pieces and prints near the Louvre. I purchased souveniers and enjoyed the gorgeous fashion at Printemps. Thanks Gawgus Things for the shopping tip! What an amazing mall - even if I did have to pay 3.50e ($6) to use the restroom. Yes - you read that correctly. $6.

Pigged out on enjoyed BEAUTIFUL PASTRIES. This one had a butter cookie bottom with raspberry jam baked over the top. I ate the stawberry greens and they were delicious too. Who knew?

I came home and found Mr. C had sent me my new favorite perfume and perfect shade of Lancome Juicy Tubes. Awwwww! What a thoughtful gift. Isn't he the greatest?!!

Phew - what a week. So what is my next adventure? Catch up with blogging!!! Fifi's adventures are way overdue as is my photos from Rome. I will be visiting blogs this weekend to catch up and say hi.

As of today I have a new camera card reader, but now my camera is on it's last leg. Between ebay and traveling - it is def time for a new camera. Any suggestions? I'm looking for something small so I can keep it in my purse and not look like a tourist - all while taking amazing  photographs.

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Sarah Pearson said...

I missed a comma in your title and thought you were going to tell me about injured pastries :-)

Helga! said...

Ooo,squee and squee over Paris!Love the pap style pic,most amusing and looks the real deal!
Yup,your life must seem very surreal in recent times!! But what stories you'll have to tell your grandkids!!!
Ha,great hassling pic,hurrah for non pc!!! Those things MUST be bloody uncomfortable!UGH!
Looking forward to some Fifi adventures!Stay safe!XXX

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Paris looks and sounds so beautiful I cant wait to get back there. Your Pap shot is hot!

Tanya said...

Girrrl, you so look like you belong in Paris! LOVE!!!

Andi said...

You finally made it to 'my town'!

I love everything about Paris - including the PASTRIES!

Miss K said...

i love how you guys play "war" bahahhaa but not really bahahaha since it's a real-life situation. does that make sense?

you look gorg as always.

i can't believe going pee is $6, i hope you went #2 just to make it worth it :D

that pastry look delish.

Claudia Moser said...

By the sound of it you had a great time! Happy for you!

Barby said...

You look like you're from Paris on that picture, so adorable. :)

Talitha said...

Oh wow, I am so jealous of your Paris trip. It's on my bucket list and hopefully before I start popping out kids :)

Love the paparazzi pic hehe, totally candid with your french breadstick

Talitha xx

Anonymous said...

Your life is seriously so exciting!

I cannot imagine having to wear a burka. Not only because it would be terribly hot and uncomfortable and suffocating, but because I'm so thankful for all of the freedoms we have in the U.S.

Glad you got to go to Paris! The pics are gorgeous! That apartment is TDF. I can't even imagine living somewhere like that.

It's so weird to think about having to pay to use the restroom where here we can just walk in Neiman's or Nordies and just go.

Mr. C is so sweet! I haven't smelled that new Lancome perfume yet! Will have to check it out!