EURO TRASH - London, the final installment

Every one's favorite  posting returns - EURO TRASH. Where I compile random photos that don't really fit with anything but deserve to be shared.
Today's edition actually does have a's the last fashion edition for London.  Check out the GOOD, the BAD and the FANTASTIC (all from the backside of course, because I'm-just-not-that-sneaky with my camera skills):

I haven't seen the car wash skirt in awhile. 

I never understood the harem pant look. This is probably one of the least flattering looks out there.
Part Harem - Part Pajamas - Part Stretched Out Knit. All unattractive.


I loved her lacy/denim combo. Look at her cute friend behind her - its borderline 'barfy twinsies'.

Easy dressing. If it gets too hot, she can take off her tights. She could have spiced this up with a different bag and pinning up her hair.

Is it just me - or are you confused whether it's cold or hot outside? The ugg vs sun hat is baffling.

Pink bomb coming from a distance. I loved it - she looked glamorous.

Ratty boots - but I like the blue zipper. It is unexpected. 

 Next week will be the ROME edition!!

Do you have a bunch of photos that you'd like to post but don't know what to do with them? Why not have a EURO TRASH on your blog? (you don't have to live in Europe - its just a title). Simply copy the EURO TRASH BUTTON above and start posting. Let me know when it posts so I can check it out!


Sarah Pearson said...

The only thing I have in defence of my country's capital is that some of them had to be tourists :-)

Tassos P said...

Hahaha, you really spotted some trash looks :) Although, I have seen in London the best looks of all places I have visited.
So much cooler and tastier than the set up of Milano and tight assed in Paris :)
I like your euro trash series !

Barby said...

Hahaha this is so funny, you really captured some interesting outfits. :) Great job.

Anonymous said...

Car wash skirt! Ha ha!

Love the denim w/ lace, too. I'm always afraid that I'll catch the lace on something, so it's a no go for me.

Bibi said...

interesting... if she'd chosen a different top for the Ugg boots she'd look cute.