1960's - the clothes, the makeup the stewardesses!

I’m loving the fresh look and style from the 1960’s, ( hardly a shocker since I"m already sporting the 60's hairdo and makeup) - but I've been noticing that the majority of Fall trends are actually 60's inspired and not 70's. 

I've decided to do a 'segment' that will include 4-5 postings covering Men's Style, Modern Inspired Trends, Makeup and Hair. Visit often to see what's next!

Today's segment will focus on importance of the airlines. Whether we want to admit it or not, the cute little stewardess outfits were an icon of the decade. ABC  has released the TV show PAN AM with Christina Ricci, and it goes to show how attractive a sheath dress and a sassy short hair-do can be.  

You could even add some 60's flair to your basic outfit by adding a vintage airline bag.  I couldn't see myself carrying one of these around as an everyday handbag, but they would make for a great yoga or carry-on bag.

My favorite accessory boutique in Seattle called FINI has been ahead of this trend for some time. When I was in Seattle for Easter this last Spring (geez - I've been everywhere this year....), they had PanAm bags prominently displayed in the front window. I love the two gals that run this boutique. If you're ever in the Pike Street area stop by and check out their quickly rotating inventory.

Click HERE for the link. They also have fab Cloche hats. 

Airline travel was so much different in the 60's and 70's. Smoking was promoted, and the job of a stewardess (ahem, I mean 'flight attendants') was glamorous and in-demand. Here are some fashion inspiring photos of an era long gone, along with some interesting observations of what is happening with our current Fall trends:

Notice the hats tipped to the side? I wonder if this was the inspiration for Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs Fall hat collection?

Whatever happened to these great round carry-on bags?  The handbag in the front looks like something from Chloe's collection. The combo of skirts and boots never seem to go out of style. The cloche hat has been reappearing as well. Last month in London I saw a gal that looked amazing in a black felt cloche and bright green pants.

Green and navy color blocking was the focus of Marc Jacobs Spring Line. See the hat banding on the right? I'm convinced Louis Vuitton is recycling the look.

Is anyone else thinking 'Victoria Beckham' with these outfits??

 I can't help but think of Krista from Peetee's Palace when I see the hot pink outfit. The tights are reminding me of something Helga would wear, but also paired with an orange lace top, leopard shoes and a red bag - respectfully.  There is that tied-down hat again. 

This style doesn't fit anywhere, but its still funny to see the girls had to wear hot-pants for their 'job'. Could you imagine having to wear this? I bet they were grabbed at constantly. Ladies - we've come a long way in the work place.

Visit often to catch the next segment of 'Fashion Recycled'.

Bored? Do your makeup 60's style and send me a pic. I'll feature it on my blog. Rather pull on a 60's outfit?? GREAT - send me that too. Let's have some fun with this.



xStroutx said...

60's fashion is pretty fantastic, I SO wish my Mum had kept all her clothes from that time for me!

wait until the sunset said...

60's fashions are so fabulous! I love all the mod looks- that's true colour blocking! Can't wait to see the 'Fashion Recycled' :)


Sarah Pearson said...

Some fabulous outfits here :-)

Christianna said...

Ok, so I'm in love with your blog and this post! The 60's and 70's are my favorite fashion inspirations. In fact just my plain out inspiration, the music, the decor, the makeup, the hair and the fashion!

Thanks so much for following along over at The Girl With The Blue Bow! I'm now following back.

And I was wondering if you would be my "Any Friend Of Mine" interview for next Monday, e-mail me!

Krista said...

These gals were so sexy I love the go go boots and the mini's, so hot! You called me out I would so rock that pink and Helga would totally wear those tights. Great post!!! I wanna see a make-up tutorial for 60's style.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I didn't watch PanAm but feel like maybe I should have...Loving the retro looks in this post - especially those bags!

Natasha said...

Oh damn, I missed the season premier of PanAm. Looks like I have to watch it online, because I'm dying over all of these pics!

Love the blog!!


Anastasios said...

Yes dear Michelle, I'm with you! I like the 60s inspiration more than the 70s and I love the airlines designs. Vintage yet still so fresh and stylish!
Great post :)

Helga! said...

OMG fantastic post,darling!!!! I adore 60's air hostess fashions,and 70's as well...although I think I like 60's just that bit more cos they were loonier!!! And the COLOURS!!! EEEK! Yes,indeed,those tights are right up my alley!! You've found soem amaaaazing pix!! I ahve an ols Air New Zealand vinyl bag up in a cupboard,it's a bit bigger than most airline bags,I must take a pic for you....O,and I am gagging to do some 60's eyemakeup,might have to wait for the weekend,though!!! I aodre your 60's hair,I like to do the 60's bouffant myself...as you may ahve noticed!! Can you tell how excited I am by this post?? I'm blithering!!

victoryvintageb said...

I love all of this, each photo is so fun and the styles are coming back around in so many ways! I recently found one of those large vintage round carry ons. I have it displayed in my house, Its filled with vintage hats and I think there's a cloche in there or two. and yes I totally carried my Pan AM blue travel tote satchel bag yesterday in my "What I wore" as an ode to the era and the TV show. I LOVE everything about it!

Miss K said...

i love the style, so classy and dressed up all the time.

battlebot said...

Check out the now defunct Braniff Airlines and their early seventies flight attendant look. You will love it...

The Fashionable Traveler said...

I love the glamour of the 1960's and love what the flight attendants/stewardesses worn back when everyone was a "Fashionable Traveler"

I have major sixties fantasies of a teased up bouffant---frosty pink lipstick and doe eyes....but alas my hair is not quite blonde enough to fulfill this one.

Enjoy your last two weeks in Germany. Looking forward to hearing about what's next.