La Cure Gourmande and Belgium Goodies

I found the cutest little chocolate and cookie (aka 'Biscuit') shop in Brussels Belgium called La Cure Gourmande. Take a peek at the quick gastronomical tour of Brussels (crap camera style):

Doesn't this just draw you in?
Browse through the shelves and see all of pretty packages

You pick out your favorite tin

I liked this one

Select your cookies bisquits to fill your hand-picked tin. These make great gifts or even road snacks if you're feeling indulgent.

Other delectables included.......

Multi course seafood restaurants. 'Mussels in Brussels' is famous. So are their French Fries.

Who doesn 't love a good Crepe?

Chocolatier's were EVERYWHERE. Honestly I didn't think the chocolate would be that great (how much better could it possibly be?) but.... I was wrong. The two bags I bought before I left was gone before I even made it home. So much for presents....

Belgium's love their seafood. People were ordering these grand plates for lunch at sidewalk cafes. Sorry for the off-angle shot. It was the classic 'walk-by-and-take-pictures-without-stopping' move.

The beers......oh, the beers. Exquisite and served in a pretty glass, the Belgium's get it right.

I'm off to an incredible Bazaar on base today. Hosted by the military spouses, they have goodies flown in from all over the world(thanks to their pilot husbands and international friends). There are so many booths that it fills 2 giant airplane hangers and part of the flight line. I'm sure to find some fabulous gifts and bad military fashion, ha.

EuroTrash Belgium is next!!



Pia Wijsneus said...

Yes, the Belgians are very nice - I should know - involved with one in Germany now. And the accent from Flanders - ooh la la.

Miss K said...

i'd love to visit there! my grandparents went when i was little and brought back tons of cool stuff and yummy chocolate. that cookie store looks awesome, i love the look of the tins.

Sarah Pearson said...

That biscuit shop looks absolutely wonderful. And Belgian chocolate? I have no words...

Have fun at the Bazaar!

Claudia Moser said...

That sounds like fun, you are so lucky for the chocolate part!

Sarah Elisabeth said...

I want to go to Belgium now! I seriously envy you all that you have experienced in this year! Lucky lady!:)

Lisa said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. I would be in some serious trouble in the presence of all those sweets! Seriously, I'm talking pounds and pounds of trouble! :)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Good call on the serious trouble with the sweets. It's so hard - you HAVE to eat them. Not only are they pretty - but they're delcious. To the point where you are making noises with each bite.

Its so worth it. I'd rather gain weight on pastries over McDonalds anyday :)