WHEN IN ROME........

OK, let me finish the sentence for you.

WHEN IN ROME, you get.............
  • Shoved
  • Shouted At
  • Bumped Into
  • Sweaty (from yourself - and from other people)
  • Sunburned
  • Hustled
  • Things Thrown At You (yes, seriously)
  • Ignored 
  • Nauseated from all of  'THE STINK'
  • Lost
  • Blisters
I think that pretty much covers it. Did I mention I had a great time? I did! It was fun to go and see the sights, and I couldn't have asked for better people to travel with. But honestly, I'm not racing back anytime soon. I did it, I saw it, I tasted it - I'm GOOD!


- I'm trying a bargain priced cotton skirt on over my leggings. The salesclerk tells me (in broken English), "ON SALE. YOU....YOU-NO-TRY-ON" (not a typo, that is really how she said it)

I shrug my shoulders, look at her like she's crazy, and simply say... "NO".

She looks shocked and says, "YOU MUST TAKE OFF. YOU TAKE OFF NOW. ON SALE, NO TRY ON"

Now I'm irritated. Who can't do a quick try-on in a clothing store? It's not like I'm even using a dressing room. 

I decide to be fiesty and say 'NOoooo, I WANT TO SEE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE." (I then ignore her and continue to adjust the skirt and look in the mirror. I already know I'm going to buy the skirt, but now I'm curious how far she's going to take this. Seriously, what is she going to do about it?).

She says, "PLEASE (with an irritating/pleading tone)." I still ignore her. 

Realizing it's not happening she says, "YOU TAKE OFF NOW OR I CALL POLIZI"

(Geez, settle down).

I say, "I'LL TAKE IT!" She looks relieved and I take off the skirt.

WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT?? I just entered crazy-land. THE QUESTION IS..... is this normal for Italy? If something is on sale, do you loose 'try-on' privileges? Or did I simply get the crazy sales clerk?

wasn't even using a dressing room. I was doing the 'TRY ON OVER THE CLOTHES' technique. Which is similar to the 'HOLD IN FRONT OF YOU WHILE LOOKING IN THE MIRROR' move, but obviously... more involved.

This story would make for a good VLOG!

The 'THINGS THROWN AT YOU' comment above is another good story, and involves chasing my own money down the street. Joy!


*Sorry for the crap stock photos. My camera card reader decided to stop working - so I will buy another one tomorrow and have fresh photos for this week.

** Aren't the skirts are super cute in the photo? GREAT NEWS - if you have a pillowcase, you can make your own. How clever. You can find the instructions/details HERE. Thanks Greenista for letting me borrow your photo.


Sarah Pearson said...

Yup, 'the things thrown at you' line was the one I was going to ask about :-)

Krista said...

No way, you had to love the skirt to still buy it after that. How rude!

Claudia Moser said...

Well what counts is that you had fun right?

Bibi said...

What an interesting lady! You-No-Try-On.. LOL
Can't wait to see that skirt in question ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, girlie!

I'm glad you had a good time, but seriously? Like if stuff is on sale, you just have to take it or leave it? Weird.

Helga! said...

WTF???!!! Yup,you got a de loooooneeee one!!!
yeah,I wanna hear about the "things thrown at you".......xxx

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Cant wait to hear more about the trip its been very interesting so far.

Tanya said...

lol, what????? that's so bizarre!!! I didn't really encounter that when I was in Italy, but then I didn't do much shopping there either. crazy!!!!

Talia said...

From my point of view, the sales lady seems crazy!! I've also never been to Italy... so yeah, not sure if you violated some rule. Can't imagine what it would possibly be, though!?

Glad you had fun in Rome, though! Excited to hear more about your adventures. :)

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Hm, this was an interesting read since I'm going to Rome soon. Important question: after being in Rome, what do you recommend I pack of clothes and shoes for my trip? I wanna look good WHEN IN ROME....

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Sarah Elisabeth!

Pack skirts! The Roman Holiday look is a low waisted flare skirt, white cotton short sleeve button up, flat sandals and a straw fedora hat. (They sell the hats everywhere so you can pick up one there). Def bring skirts over shorts or capris. Long flowy skirts also look great when pair with a tight cap shoulder t-shirt. A maxi dress would work too, as long as it didn't drag at all.

You will want a thin (light weight) cotton scarf to cover your head if it gets crazy hot - or also to cover your shoulders in the churches.

I wish I would have brought more apples/fruit to snack on. I envisioned fruit stands everywhere - and that was not the case AT ALL. It's pizza and gelato- EVERYWHERE.

Don 't forget the sunscreen and high quality sunglasses. Oh - and hand sanitizer is a must have. Its kind of dirty in Rome, so you'll be grateful you have it.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Dolls!

You're right - the sales lady was KUH-RAZY. I have the strangest interaction with people. At least it makes for great blog postings.

Wait till you hear the 'throwing money' story. Unbelieveable. This guy was such a jerk.

xStroutx said...

Ha! That's duper weird... I really wasn't keen on Rome hey. Too many people... too many of whom are very rude

Miss K said...

i'm glad I live in America when it comes to dressing rooms and sales :D