Euro Trash - The London Men's Style Edition

Every one's favorite  posting returns - EURO TRASH. Where I compile random photos that don't really fit with anything but deserve to be shared. Today's edition actually does have a's the London Men's Style Edition.  
Check out the GOOD, the BAD and the FANTASTIC:

Sporting a stylish trench and shades.

OVERKILL with head to toe red and a purple messenger

Casually stylish. No pesky tie or jacket to mess with.

Red pants were everywhere

Wouldn't be complete without a pair of Manpris. Honestly, I only saw a few the entire weekend. There may be hope for us after all.

The best outfit of them all. The 60's Inspired suit with skinny pants and a fitted jacket. Updated with a black dress shirt underneath. You don't see this in Washington.

Tomorrow, Euro Trash Friday will resume as normal with my final installment of London (hint: stylish photos, no more pantyhose and cut-off short combos).

Do you have a bunch of photos that you'd like to post but don't know what to do with them? Why not have a EURO TRASH on your blog? (you don't have to live in Europe - its just a title). Simply copy the EURO TRASH BUTTON above and start posting. Please be sure to credit my blog (of course, duh).


Sarah Pearson said...

I'm sorry but...Men say NO to red trousers!

Krista said...

I love all the random shots! When I was in high school I remember thinking the exchange students dressed weird. Now living in the pacific nw, coming from CA, I think Oregonians dress weird. Who's really the freak here;p

Kelley said...

I kind of love red pants. Not going to lie. I had a pair, and I wore them to death, or at least until their semi-demise. I also <3 your blog name, and I'm a newb follower

Anonymous said...


The purple and red guy reminds me of Elton John. Looks like something he would put together!

Talia said...

Haha "Manpris".... makes me giggle. :)

Thanks for sharing, Michelle!

pglm said...

looks like Austin Powers.....
I do love those red pants....Big Daddy would love them...

Tiffany said...

I totally quizzed my cousin in Switzerland all about manpris thanks to your blog. He confirmed this is, sadly, a phenomina there too!