Ramstein Bazaar - Come See What I Saw

Yesterday's bazaar on base was so much fun -BUT......items were fairly expensive. Even though I didn't buy much it was a wonderful place for inspiration. People watching was not exciting, so no fashion postings today.

Here is a sneak peek of my favorite things:

Barrels and ladders were everywhere. They hang the ladders from the ceiling above dining room tables for a Euro-Chic look. At 145e each - they could be easily made at home with scrap wood and a dark wood stain. 

I've been obsessed with chalk boards lately - so you'll be seeing more of these in my postings

Clever....happy faces for good luck. I didnt' buy one, but thought it was a novel idea.

These wine holders are all over Germany. Other models have glass holders on the side.

More of the same

Handmade toys at a premium price. Whats the point of buying these for kids if they're not allowed to play with them?

Another chalkboard. This one looks handmade with an old frame and chalk-board paint. Love.

Piles and piles of door knobs to choose from.

Lederhosen! The checkered shirt is very popular this time of year.

Isn't this chair regal? It wouldn't go with anything in  your home, but if you wanted to feel like the queen for the day - this is your chair.

Handmade brushes and brooms.

There is a lot of dark wood used in Germany, so it only makes sense that they would use the same materials to hold candles. Different, no? This would look good on my table or in my fireplace.

I got a kick out of these bells for some reason. See the cute yellow ram? I wanted him, but at 30e he stayed in his place. Plus - who really needs a bell around anyways? It's not like I live on a farm. I suppose it would be fun to irritate Black Cat with it. She's already forced to listen to the accordion, so random bell ringing might actually get a response out of her. Its fun to mess with your bathroom mate.

I liked the randomness of the wood crate with bottles. My friend Sandy told me her friend has a big tray of scrabble letters on her table. Next to that is a bowl of magazines to encourage guests to sit down and relax. Sounds inviting doesn't it? I thought the crate would be a neat idea to put on the table and fill with fun things for guests to play with.  Or..maybe just condiments and cloth napkins...

Aren't these cool?

Cool Euro writing on the side......

I normally don't get into kitchy souvenirs, but I found the perfect one for my German style front door in the states.

Here is the master himself doing the finishing touches.
Today I went to Strasbourg France and found the most AMAZING flea market. Just wait till you see what i bought. Wow - is all I can say. More to come!


Anonymous said...

I love the wine holders, door knobs and the trays. The would be great for organising bits and pieces, likes rings xxx

Anastasios said...

Hey, great different items. You are into the Euro-antiques too I see :)
It's always nice to discover old staff :)

xStroutx said...

This stuff all looks fab! Love it :o)

Helga! said...

So many exciting things to look at....I love those crates,especially witht he fab writing on them!SO useful and fabulous! The ram bell is quite amusing,I think a little fun could be had with that! I think 30E is about $90NZ-erk!We just can't afford Europe at the moment!!
Were you tempted by the lederhosen??? They're pretty funky!!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

So many delightful goodies I dont know where to begin!

Talitha said...

Agree, those bells look pretty cute. But not sure if they would annoy me always ringing (esp if you have them outside in the wind). And those faces for good luck, kinda freaky looking haha. I dont know if I want to stumble around in my house only to come face to face with that happy smiling one haha!

Talitha xx

ps. When is Fifi getting another outing? Or is she in the naughty corner for mucking up last time?

Miss K said...

i love the wine and candle holders, so cute and easy to put in a home.

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

Thank you for your nice comment on my blog! I dig your style and short hair too =) Yes, Luan is so sweet!

These bazaar photos are really cool. I love big open markets!

Claire said...

Hello! Thanks for visiting :) Loving your blog, I was born in Iserlohn Germany...my dad was in the Army (yep i was a forces brat haha) not that i remember any of it, but my mum loved living there :)

Sarah Pearson said...

Love the faces and the multi candle holders. Can't wait to see what you bought in France :-)

Anonymous said...

What cool stuff! European flea markets are so much better than ours here. Ha! My favorite things were those adorable knobs!

Krista said...

I want that chair! It totally looks like one Kat Von D has in her shop. I also am digging the door knobs, I think that gave me an idea :) What fun shopping!!!