Adventures with Fifi - ROMAN SPA - Baderhaus, Bad Kruznach

No....Fifi didn't go to the spa with me - but she did join me in the journey. We skipped town early Tuesday morning and headed to the mystery town of Bad Kruznach.

How did I know where to go?

I mapped out a 2 hour radius by train and started googling the city names that caught my attention. You have to admit 'Bad Kruznach' sounds pretty interesting....and I couldn't have been happier to find out it's the best spa town in all of Germany. Plus - it's small and quaint, perfect for a female traveling alone with her feisty bike.

Here's the story in pictures (as usual). This blog is like one big picture book. Ha - ok, here we go:

Fifi was given the ultimate gift - saddle bags! Not only can I fill her up with shopping goodies - but she is so much easier to ride with the weight in the back.

This was our inaugural trip with the new bags and it worked out great. Doesn't she look happy? Up at 6:15am, we raced 4 miles to the train station only to get there right when the train was pulling up. Whew - that was close!

What are the odds that a guy would be holding this traditional German clock on the train. It's sooo Germany. I couldn't resist snapping his photo. Who carries this stuff around?
1  1/2 hours later Fifi and I arrive in Bad Kruznach. It's early, so we ride around getting our bearings of the town. The day we were there was 'JUNK DAY'. This is where locals can put out whatever it is they don't want and garbage men will come and dispose of it for free. Look at this cool stuff considered garbage? Americans would pay good money for these vintage pieces.

More garbage. Can you believe it?

The shops were still closed and I couldn't find my hotel.  We rode past a PAUL MITCHELL hair salon and decided to be spontaneous and get my roots bleached and a haircut.

NO WAY - seriously? There is a Middle Eastern guy that owns the salon?? Have you ever seen the movie DON'T MESS WITH THE ZOHAN (with Adam Sandler)?? If no, then you won't get this photo - but if you have.... then you are probably giggling right along with me over the irony. He did a FANTASTIC job on my hair - and it was bargain priced compared to what I've been paying for on base.

He pointed me in the direction of my  hotel (2 buildings away),  and it was perfect.

In a random building across the street and up 6 flights of narrow stairs, I had the single room in the upper dormer. I felt safe and secure in my little nest. A fluffy down comforter and soft linens completed the space.

Bright white bathroom.

Amazing view from my flat

Even FIFI scored with her own bike garage. She slutted it up with the foreign boy bikes.

The hotel offered a 3-course lunch for 7.90 euro - so I freshened up and then sat down to a relaxing meal. Pumpkin soup, fresh bread, dry Riesling and sparkling mineral water.

Meatloaf, red cabbage and mashed potatoes. I haven't had meatloaf since before I left home and it was delicious. The cabbage was savory and tangy - perfect with the potatoes.

Mini Creme Brulee with a ripe strawberry. Perfect sized (probably 2 tablespoons). Why can't restaurants do this more often? It forces you to try new things without getting extra large portions.

Probably not the best idea to pig out on meatloaf, but I headed to THE BADERHAUS - a Roman Bath House. This place was HUGE and had 8 saunas, 6 hot tubs, 6 steam rooms, a roof top terrace, restaurant, full spa and locker rooms. An all day pass was 22 euro. Here's the kicker - no clothes allowed. Eeek! Awkward at first, but then it wasn't a big deal. Everyone had robes and seemed to be experts at 'eye diversion'.
I had a mud and scrub treatment that left my skin feeling super soft. Affordable too - only 17e.
After a nap I returned to the hotel for another meal. Mushrooms are in season - so I just went with it. Mushroom soup with truffle oil and chives.

Mushrooms and tagliatelle

Chocolate mousse on sugar wafers, coconut ice cream and pureed mango (if you could somehow put mushrooms in a dessert - they would have). Such a great meal and only 16e.  This town is a BARGAIN.

After dinner I strolled through the town to walk off my indulgent meal
The next day Fifi and I went for a ride and found the vineyards.

Here is me in my lesbian hiker pants (day 2 - clothes get recycled when you travel with a bike). After a day of shopping (they have H&M!!) and another indulgent lunch at the hotel - Fifi and I headed to the train station.

What a GREAT TRIP. As much as I love traveling with friends, it such a treat to get away on my own from beginning to end. I know FIFI loved it too since she didn't act up even once. Sure.... there was the occasional cling-clang, but I think those were 'happy noises'.

This is my new secret destination - I'll be back for sure!


Krista said...

What a great day out! I am a bit envious of you and Fifi eating so much yummy food and seeing so many new and wonderful places. Good for you for getting out there and making your very own adventures.

Your hair looks great btw :)

Anonymous said...

How amazing! You are so ballsy, just Googling stuff and then setting out on your own for an *awesome* trip! I can't believe all the cool stuff you got to do (and eat!)

Junk day sounds fabulous! Looks like treasure hunting to me!

That town was a bargain! I can't believe the prices for those delicious looking meals, and mushrooms are my favorite! I've also been dying for a creme brulee lately!

I can't wait to hear about what shenanigans you and Fifi are going to get into next!

P.S. I loved the comment about Fifi "slutting" it up! Bahahaha

Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot - your hair looks great! I think we might be the only two people in the world who thought that Zohan movie was funny!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I love reading about your adventures and Im so glad that Fifi was a good girl for you. You are so making the most of your time in Germany!

The Fashionable Traveler said...


It sounds like such a wonderful weekend! I want to hear more about the spa....You are inspiring me to write about my first trip to Asia where I went to a Korean Spa, and never felt so uncomfortable with my clothes on.


Miss K said...

i love your adventures, i wish i was with you on them!

Sarah Pearson said...

Wow! I am envious of every single part of this adventure :-)

Bibi said...

Michelle, thank you so so much for posting these pictures, it felt so good to see a little bit of home! How tiny the portion sizes are compared to over here, I had to point this out to my hubby!
LOL, I used to go to Saunas like that at home, with my grandma. I miss those days.
Thank you, Michelle, you made my night :) Looks like it was very relaxing!