EURO TRASH - The Brussels Edition

Euro Trash returns with a special Brussels Belgium edition. One afternoon visiting this beautiful city was enough to capture the Good, the Bad and the Fabulous. Check it out:

Brussels - like France, is a 'dress up' city. Cute skirts were everywhere.

I love the fitted v-neck look. Stylish yet casual.

More skirts.

Bad harem pants found there way in front of my camera. Must be a tourist.....

Aren't they adorable? I loved how they dressed up to go sight seeing. (oops - Beaten Betty's nose snuck in the photo).

Don't they look like they are having a great time? I can't tell if those are harem pants, or the style of pants with the wrap-tie waist. Remember those? I haven't seen those in a decade.

Unfortunate, especially when paired with black socks and tennis shoes. Man-Pri's are still holding on strong throughout Europe.

Ha - here's my wild card. There is always that 'one photo' that makes the Euro Trash posting. What you can't tell in this photo is this woman was probably 60-65 years old. Brave outfit choice - especially on a hot day.

Aren't they fabulous????!

Love, love, love.

More skirts and dresses

The London 'denim with tights' look continues in Belgium

Have you ever seen so many skirts? It is refreshing to see women dressing properly.

I was very impressed with Brussels and have booked another trip to Northern Belgium next month. France is still my favorite, but Belgium comes in at a close #2.

Tomorrow I'm off to a flea market in France where I'll be on the hunt for cool BEER STEINS. If you haven't signed up for my Oktoberfest Themed GIVEAWAY - click HERE.


Lisa said...

I've loved wearing dresses this summer. They are just easy, no fuss, and super comfortable. Great edition. There is some great styling going on over there! :) Love it!

Sarah Pearson said...

That hat is so cute :-)

I never thought of visiting Belgium, but your posts have made me want to go :-)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Belgium is fantastic. A bit expensive, but still a hidden gem and not full of tourists like the larger cities.


Miss K said...

skirts are definitely having a moment, i tried one on today and loved it but had no clue how i'd wear it w items i already own...