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Favorite photo of the week.
This is my profile pic on Facebook.  

Yay, I have finally figured out how to do a business 'page' on Facebook. The official HOT PINK COMBAT BOOTS page is started - and you know what? I'm still confused. 

I have a couple of questions - so please help if you know the answer or the link.

1.  Does anyone know how I can automatically put my posts on my page - or do I have to do it manually?

2.  I'm not seeing a widget in blogger that will add a Facebook 'like' button on my blog. Do I get that from Facebook? I can't seem to get the link to work. 

3.  Do you link your personal Facebook page to your blog page? Just curious....

4. For those of you that were kind enough to join my last attempt at Facebook - please like this page as the other one will be deleted. Any other tips would be helpful and appreciated. 

I need friends in order to have a 'nickname'. Please 'LIKE' me so I can go from loser status to friendly. You can find the link HERE. Please add your FB link in the comments so I can 'like' you back.

Thanks dolls!!

You won't want to miss this one.


Selina. said...

Hey liked you :) DenNorskeListen

also i just got your email will reply soooon :) xx

Claudia Moser said...

Some answers:

1. You have to edit your profile and add your website and then the links will be done automatically
2. There is one, look more :)
3. No!
4. Done


Andi said...

Ditto to what Claudia said!

Sarah Pearson said...

I got nothing, not on facebook. Just thought I'd say good luck figuring it out :-)

xStroutx said...

I've liked you... but I can offer no advice on facebook blog pagey thingos... coz I have no idea :oP

Fabienne Jach said...

Hey Michelle, there might be but I'm on wordpress and use shareaholic at the end of my posts to manually hit both my personal and my blog page on fb. Same with the "like" button (shareaholic).

I do link my personal page, apparently way more people I know read my blog than I expected and most do it through my personal page.

Can't wait till you hit your 25 likes and get your own name! Good luck:)
xo, f
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