60's Style - The MEN's Edition.

There is something to be said about a well-dressed man, or should I say a 'stylish man'. Dressing well doesn't require a designer suit, but it does involve having personal style and wearing properly fitted clothing. I'm so tired of seeing men wearing hoodies and ill-fitting clothes. 

As my dear friend Mr. John B. would say, "hoodies and sweats simply tell the world I'VE GIVEN UP". Well said my friend......well said. 

The 60's  was the first decade men were allowed to play with fashion, and by the end of the decade it has swayed into the unattractive 'hippie' look. Bright colors and flares did nothing for the male physique, so for this posting we will stick with the looks from the early 60's.  

A mix of British style paired with Mod influences.

Designers like Gianfranco FERRE' have taken pieces inspired from the 60's and turned them into modern ensembles. A perfect example of Fashion Recycling.

Burberry is replicating the double breasted pea coat and pairing it with British style Mod pants. Mod pants too much? Wear a straight leg that goes to the floor. The idea is to wear dark on the bottom and pair it with a great coat.


Celebrities are trying the 60's look too and are receiving WOW reviews from stylists and the media. Love the gray tones. Look - no blue jeans or khakis. Yay!

Classic 60's shag - perfectly modeled by Zac Effron. Although.. if it was platinum and a little shorter in the back it would look just like my hair. Maybe not so great....

You don 't have to wear a tie to pull of this look. The yellow socks is unexpected and very stylish. SPECIAL NOTE: White socks do not apply to this scenario.

 Do your guy a favor and CHUCK the boxy and roomy shirts and baggy pants. As women, we put so much effort into looking nice that it seems UNFAIR that our counterparts can just throw on 'whatever'. Right?  Disclaimer: I'm talking about men's style in general and not you personally. Please don't have a cow and send me hate mail because I'm not a fan of your sweat pants or manpris.
Blogging Friends that go to great lengths to look FABULOUS everyday: Ms. Tangled in Texas lovingly shares with us her perfectly accessorized OOTD, and holy cow - Ms. Brande at Victory Vintage is OVER THE TOP fabulous with her outfits. Don't forget Ms. K at Love, Lipstick and Pearls - she can rock the camera like no one else (her wedding pics - uhmazing). Have you seen Gawgus Things? Living in Paris she has that natural ability to look fabulous - in everything (of course).

The list goes on and on (sorry I can't include everyone in this posting).

We are all stylish women - so take your fashion abilities and help a brother out. See them shopping solo and looking helpless? Offer a suggestion - they will love it. And so will we. 



victoryvintageb said...

Oh I was totally nodding my head & shouting AMENS to this post..then saw the treat of a shout out at the end...Ahh..bless you! Precious! Keep em coming girl!! Tell it like it really is!!


Gawgus things... said...

Thank you so much for your very kind words today! Love this mod look on guys - fantastic! XXX

Victoria said...

These guys look hot! Love the fashion and I do love a guy that takes the time to show he has some.

Anastasios said...

Hi Michelle,
I can see myself in the second look of Ferre and the last two of the Burberry ones! Nice post for us men :)
I emailed you a look of me as shot by Ghi 10 minutes ago where I wear a Thomas Burberry jacket and my favorit Philippe Stark for Puma pony hair shoes.

Sarah Pearson said...

Beautiful boys with beautiful clothes. Wonderful!

Helga! said...

G and I have often talked about how the 60's/70's were the peacock era for men,and then it got all boring again!!! The 60's were super smoove for the boys,I love it!!

Christianna said...

I love this classic 60's look on guys. Though I have to say that I am a fan of a dude in belled pants (don't hate me), and shaggy long hair. I'm thinking the guys in "Almost Famous"...

Heather, 29 Skirts said...

This 60s series is great! I like that you gave menswear some attention here too =) My brother is an engineer and likes to dress like sort of a retro, 60s engineer sometimes with colorful short-sleeved shirts. Sure, I'll send you a photo! I have one from a while back where I'm wearing a drop-waist, picnic-plaid 60s dress that I found in a thrift store.

Style, She Wrote said...

Awesome post! Love those amazing mod fashions for men == and women, too. xo style, she wrote

Miss K said...

i love a man w good style. i just assume they smell good too, which might be random....

thanks so much for the blog love, you made my night!

Anonymous said...

Thank\ you\ so\ much!\ \ :)

I\ (somehow)\ managed\ to\ break\ our\ keyboard\ on\ our\ laptop\,\ so\ that's\ why\ I\ haven't\ been\ blogging\ lately.