Believe the Hype! MOROCCAN OIL = liquid gold

I purchased a small bottle of the light formula over the weekend – and wow, this stuff is unlike anything I have ever used. I chose the ‘light’ formula since I color my hair and lucky me (sarcasm here…)… is extra-fine.

To Apply: I use a large drop, warm it between my hands and then spread over my damp hair. Style as normal and Voila = shiny hair.  There was no residue, odd smell oily appearance and seemed to have extra body. Uh-mazing.

UPDATE from previous post:  I purchased the hair color. I will apply in the morning. Wish me luck!

UPDATE #2:  I am waiting on pictures from Vern to do my after-trip posting on Napa Valley. I'm hoping for tomorrow :)


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I love Moroccan Oil I ran out ages ago and really should buy some more. It is such amazing stuff. Thanks for the link to the yellow trench, it is beautiful.

Elizabeth said...

Ooh I had no clue they had a "light" version! I had always wanted to try Moroccan Oil but I was afraid it would just make my hair look greasy! I'll have to try this stuff out because my hair is really fine, too!

About the Clarisonic- I use the sensitive brush right now, but I have been thinking about trying out the delicate one. I certainly don't want it to be too abrasive (which the normal one might be?) but I am afraid the delicate one won't scrub enough...if that makes sense? Haha I probably sound ridiculous. The smaller versions are much more "convenient" but it's okay- ours are still wonderful and super cute!!

Miss K said...

I've heard a ton about this, but when I asked my stylist she said it's best for people with thick hair, curly hair or coarse hair. None of those are me so I haven't tried it yet.