I have a long history of coloring my own hair.

I can hear you GASPING IN HORROR.

Yes......I have consistently used drugstore boxed hair color. I know – totally risky, but for me I found that I was able to do it myself with great success and I loved the convenience of being able to do it whenever I wanted.  All was well until 'Nice and Easy' changed their formulas to be more golden.

My perfect shade of ‘beige blonde’ was now a BRASSY HOT MESS.

Find the perfect shade of blonde again so I can continue to do it myself while I’m overseas. I'm going for a Kate Winslet look (more of the Vogue shade, and less of the harsh platinum):

 in chronological order for your reading convenience:

8 weeks ago
I had my shoulder length hair cut into a pixie.

I bleached my medium blonde hair using a purple toned bleach from Sally’s. Even though bleach is supposed to process for an hour, the package said to rinse after 10 minutes. I panicked and rinsed out after 15 minutes. I was rewarded with COPPER ORANGE HAIR.

7 ½ Weeks Ago
I purchased the familiar white powder bleach. Put the entire packet on my hair and realized it was intended for highlights and there was not enough product to cover my whole head.

F-ing Fantastic! I now have WHITE ROOTS with delicious ORANGE ENDS.

Hair is feeling nappy at this point – and I’m stuck rocking the 2-tone look for a week. Yes, people are looking at me oddly -complete with whispers and pointing.

6 Weeks Ago
I purchased two packets of the white bleach and reprocess my hair with a stronger developer. My hair is now a BRIGHT NEON SHADE OF YELLOW/WHITE. Washed with toners and special shampoos – this color is not budging. I look like a low-budget superhero.

5 Weeks Ago-
I have to work in Hawaii with the military for two weeks and I can not have superhero hair. I spend $150 for lowlights and toner at the local spa. Hair looks perfect, but the stylist is a cow and keeps telling me how lucky I am to have any hair at all. So annoying. 

3 Weeks Ago-
After 2 weeks in the hot sun, my hair has grown an inch and I have janky roots. I return to the girl who gave me my original fabulous pixie hair cut for a trim and color.

I don't know what happened, but she chops my hair too short and the color is FLAT and DRAB with a hint of gray. Of course it looks good in her chair, but once I get home it looks awful. I’m not one to complain about bad hair to stylists, so I commit to not return. $160 wasted.

2 Weeks Ago-
Hating my drab color, I buy a box color by Loreal that looks the same but is ‘brighter’.

The result? Hair is somehow darker and has a green hue. The texture is starting to feel gummy and I see some breakage. 

I am stuck with this color for at least a week or two.

Today -
I have to color my hair. Not only is the drab color killing me, but roots are once again starting to show up. 

Lucky me! I see my beloved shampoo maker has come out with permanent hair color. I am off to buy 10B!!! Has anyone used this stuff? Please say yes and that you loved it........


Jen Watts said...

Oh goodness! Good luck! I'm just happy that I get my hair colored next Monday.. My grandmother told me yesterday I'd "just let my hair go" :(

Miss K said...

oh girl good luck!!!