Tragedy with a Backpack

I'm sad to say there was a tragic accident on Tuesday. My beloved water bottle fell out of my backpack and broke in two. GASP.......I know, major issue. This is so tragic as I'm now stuck drinking out of a dumb canteen which is both hard to open, and it makes everything you put in it taste like a new car tire. 

I'm sure some of you are thinking I am being a drama queen over something very petty, but I am obsessed with having my favorite water bottle within arms reach.  It is my adult binky and now I'm without.

I have had WATER BOTTLE ENVY all week as I lovingly stare at the other girls in class easily sipping their delicious tasting water from a pretty plastic container. Sigh...........

I have 3 other colors at home, but I only packed the blue one thinking it was indestructible (and it matches my cell and laptop, of course).

I am stuck water-bottle free until next week. It's like enduring hard love. Please send your condolences.


Jen Watts said...

I understand! I have a fav coffee travel mug that I'm lost without.

bizVM said...

may be neet to buy new bottle.. :)
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