CALIFORNIA'S CALLING - & they have my friends, wine & VIP treatment!

1992! Hot messes in South Korea
Hopefully that is new clothes & makeup
in our shopping bags.

I have an upcoming trip to visit my dearest and oldest friend – Vern (aka Veronica).

So who is this friend of mine?

Well… 1991 when we were both stationed at New Mexico & then South Korea. Of all the people in the entire world – we were sent to the same two bases during the same period of time? It was fate and destiny that we became besties.  

Vern escaped the military life after 4 years and I switched to the reserves and moved back home. With us living in different states (California vs Washington), we try to get together at least once a year.  Our last trip was a girls-only adventure to New Orleans to celebrate our hard-earned and long overdue degrees. It was such a blast, I would go back in a heartbeat.
Darling and I are flying to California - and this trip can not come quick enough. Our adventure includes an overnight trip to Napa- and get this………we are staying in the OWNERS COTTAGE at the most amazing Bed & Breakfast!  (Thanks Jared for the mad sweet-talking skills to the front desk clerk!).  Then we’re off to eat our way through visit the lovely city of San Francisco. It will be a whirlwind trip and there might be a need for a liver transplant detox when we return.  

SUPER SECRET: I haven’t told Darling we are going to Napa. He thinks we are just hanging out at Vern’s house and visiting some of the local wineries. He’s already excited to be doing that. I will tell him the big news after he’s had his first Bloody Mary on the airplane. He will LOSE HIS MIND in excitement! He does this hand-slap-to-the-knee-bit while proclaiming, "No Way!". Kind of like Elaine on Seinfeld with the whole 'Get Out' chest-push routine. I love it when he does this, it always makes me smile.

We both have always wanted to go to Napa, so to be able to go VIP style and share this with dear friends makes this an incredibly special trip.

What to wear….and what to pack…….HELP. 

Yes - that's an ugly brown hoodie I'm wearing. She's probably saying - WTH are you wearing chica?
Notice the chapstick? I HAVE to have lip product around when drinking red wine - its a weird obession.

On my front porch getting ready to hit the local wineries


Vern said...

awwww!!!! I don't know whether to laugh or cry..the pictures are beyond hilarious! Am soooo excited to see you. Love you!

Vern said...

P.s this is where we are staying..

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Love it, this place is gorgeous! We will have to be better about taking pics on this trip.

Gary said...

HA! You can never make fun of my hoodies again!!