Good Hair Against All Odds

So even with my military hat being put on and taken off 50 times, the new hairstyle is holding up.  I am completely uh-mazed.

The class here in Texas is surprisingly very fun. Apparently I was being a big drama queen in my earlier posting for no apparent reason.

Today we practiced loading litters onto aircraft, ambulances and gi-normous trucks.

Tonight I get to wear night vision goggles!

More to come dolls.


Nikki's World said...

What a pretty hair style you have! I just cut my hair short as well. It takes some real guts to do that.. Have a great day.


everyone calls me bon bon said...

LOVE the hair! Oh my goodness. I wish I had the courage to chop all of mine off:-) You look adorable! xoxo

The Empress said...

This reminds me of Joey Heatherton? Do you know about her?

She was adorable.

Google, if you can.

She drove all the men CUH-razy.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Ms Empress - no, I am not familiar with Joey Heatherton. I just googled her and she has great hair and is crazy sexy. Thank you for the inspiration!