The Origins of Hot Pink Combat Boots

Welcome to my blog. I am a woman that has committed the last 19 years of my life to the military, while at the same time maintaining a love for the finer things in life (wine, travel, jazz, spas & anything pampering). I have a complete obsession with fashion and the superficial (seriously, bad-mascara-day can pretty much ruin the whole day) - all while finding a balance and loving my part-time military career.

These are two lifestyle extremes.  I know, and some days I feel like I'm from another planet as most people can not relate to the importance of dressing up and putting on makeup ( I wore makeup and did my hair every day while I was in Iraq - no excuses). Throw in the complication of living in a small town, recently turning 40 (yes 40, and yes I know I don't look 40 - that's half the fun) - and VOILA, you can start to understand the dilemma and dicotomy of my life.

So here is the big news......... I am leaving next month to spend 6 months in Europe. Yes, the lovely motherland of everything wonderful - Europe (Germany, to be exact). But I'm calling it Europe as I have no intentions of staying in just one country - but more on that later.

Join me as I try and figure out:
  • what to pack
  • how to say goodbye
  • how to maintain a long distance relationship with the most amazing man ever
  • how to adjust from livingn in a 7 bedroom home to a dorm room where I share a bathroom with a stranger 
  • giving up my amazing wardrobe to wearing a uniform or fitness gear 80% of the time
  • how to deal with annoying, frustrating and irritating people
  • how to cope with the trauma I'll see, and the sad stories I will listen to - they are truly heartbreaking
  • Any many more issues that will occur along the way
Thank you for your support and welcome to Hot Pink Combat  Boots!

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