COMBAT TRAINING - my own living hell

Yay me. I have to travel to Texas and pretend to be a war.  Yes, war.

Uggh. This is probably the last thing in the world I want to do. I'm not even a camper, so I am completely out of my realm. I hate to be dirty and not having my personal luxurious is a form of torture and a source of depression.  

I'm just venting to you my lovely reader. For everyone else I will put on my game face and do an otherwise kick-ass job. Secretly though, I will be bitching to myself and counting down the days until I am free. Which doesn't appear to be anytime soon.  

Here is what I get to look forward to:

-         No cell phone
-         No computer (no blogging L)
-         1 gross meal a day + 2 MRE’s (meals ready to eat, aka: rations)
-         Sleeping bag
-         Hard Army Style Cot
-         Community Showers (think: high school style showers)
-         Sleeping in a big tent with 50 other women (total strangers, btw)
-         14 hour shifts, rotating odd hours (read: delusional by the end of the week)

This is training I am required to do every few years. The clock is ticking and my free time with loved ones is already limited, so to lose an entire week to combat training is so frustrating.

My dressing room is a total disaster as I’m trying to locate all of my uniforms and get everything organized. Utter and total chaos.

My journey begins this weekend.

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Lacey said...

I must say one of my favorite memories of being in the military was the training I had in texas. We played war, lived in tents, even wore our chem gear. Every watch the episode of Grey's Anatomy where they practiced surgery on pot belly pigs? Well, that was me in Texas :) Very interesting...

I hope you don't have to do that though. It really is stinky, and hot!