So after a bit of support from my blogging friends, I went for it and had my hair cut just like Ms. Goldie Hawn. Isn't she beautiful?

My stylist Bella did a fantastic job although I have to admit I was a bit shocked when she showed me the back. It is sooooo butchy short. However I have been getting used to my new do and am now totally in love with it. It literally takes 2 minutes to style and since I still have a few wispy's on the side and length on the top - I can actually wear it several different ways. 

With hair this long, it helps that I overdose on Latisse and my eyelashes are Kardashian-esque long. Do you think they use Latisse too or are they real? Even Kylie has crazy long lashes. Sorry, getting sidetracked here.....

So....where are my actual photos? Technical difficulties....my camera card does not fit into my new laptop so I won't be able to post them until next week. Suck.

I'm off to Texas in the morning for my combat class, and as a tribute to the beautiful Ms. Goldie Hawn I will amuse myself by thinking about the movie 'Private Benjamin'. For some of you younger bloggers you might not be familiar with this movie - or even know that Goldie is Kate Hudson's mom. She is amazing, and Private Benjamin is a classic female-empowering comedy.

I will be testing my 'mobile blogging' skills this week. Wish me luck!



Lacey said...

Private Benjamin is one of my FAVORITE movies. So is Overboard. Anyhow, Im 28. Am I considered a 'young blogger'? lol.

Can't wait to see the pics of the new hair-do.

Cait said...

funnn! i love getting new hair :) good luck with the mobile blogging- i've tried it once ha! :) xo have a great sunday girl!

Meredith said...

Can't wait to see your new hair cut! I bet it looks adorable. :)
Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comments on our bedroom redo. Good luck in Texas!!!