Pairing Down the Excess and Eliminating the Anxiety

How is it that I manage to collect so much stuff? I mean seriously, do I really need 25 pairs of black tights?
Yes. Ok – no, not really. 

How about boots? Is 41 pairs really considered excess when most of them are vintage and one-of-a-kind finds?
No – they are a must, I will not get rid of my boots. Big sigh…..ok, I have 11 pairs of black knee high boots – maybe a couple can go.
The list of clothing excess goes on and on……..

For some reason I can never have enough of: 
  • Knee high socks (I love them peeking out of my knee high boots
  • Black long sleeve t-shirts (I’m paranoid they are faded after 1 or 2 washings)
  • Earrings from Forever 21
  • Scarves (total weakness -I probably have over 200)
  • Drapey and thin material cardigans
  • Colored Legging
  • Coats & Blazers
  • Anything in gray (I’m obsessed)
So you’re probably wondering “what’s the big deal with too many clothes”?

Well…since I’m leaving next month I can only take a few things with me. The majority of my packed items will be uniforms and military gear. Sure, I can pack up a few boxes of clothes to ship over, but I’m not sure if I want to. I think it is time I pair down my wardrobe and simplify my life. 

I’ve read magazine articles about women who travel light and can skip from country-to-country with just a small carry on. I can not even fathom how to do that, as my cosmetic bag and toiletries fill a carry-on all by themselves.

So I have to wonder - why do I really have all of this stuff? Is it even important? I couldn’t possibly wear everything I have even if I wanted to – why am I hanging on to it? 

It is time to get down and dirty on a closet purge. Does anyone have any packing lists or tips on downsizing toiletries?


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I have just had a massive clear out of my wardrobe if I hadnt worn it in the last year I had to get rid of it. It was quite liberating and my wardrobe is so now looking a little emptyt which means I must buy more things to fill it back up with.

Francy said...

I love Forever21 but there isn'it in Italy! I found it during my travel in New York! Amazing! It has a lot of nice accessories and clothes!
Thanks for your lovely comment in my blog!
I follow you too!
Xo Xo

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Ms Francy - too bad we couldn't trade shopping for one day. I'll take over your Italian boutiques and you can shop your heart out at Forever 21 :) Do you have H&M?

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Ms Green Tea - we are too much alike! I haven't even thrown anything away yet and I'm already adding more. Its not looking very promising for the closet:)