Obsessed with Used Clothing - check your jealousy

I love vintage clothes. It is a complete obsession. I find myself buying clothes that are not even my size simply because I think they are beautiful. Yay me - I found someone who shares the same passion – Ms. Jenny. She has a fantastic store called Carousel Vintage so she doesn’t have the dilemma of running out closet space.  

Today’s shirt is a piece from Carousel. It's a 60’s print – part peacock, part hallucination – and oddly warm considering how thin the fabric is. Interesting features: it has writing at the bottom of the band.  It’s a bit large on me, but I’m rocking it anyways with skinny gray jeans and vintage leather boots. The trick with vintage clothing is to mix old with new so you don’t look like the ‘odd girl’ out. If worn incorrectly, vintage can be a total disaster.

She also sells her
uh-mazing clothes on Etsy. They are well priced, cleaned and lovely.

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Gawgus things... said...

This is a great top - I love the colours :)