You Touched My Breasts – And You Said What?

I had a mammogram yesterday. Yes, it was a bit uncomfortable – but seriously, I don’t’ understand what all the complaining is about. It is really not that bad. There is a little bit of pulling and tugging, but nothing to ruin your entire day over. I went to a new facility that was ‘state of the art’.  Apparently it was designed by a man or someone else that had never had a mammogram since it had the jumbo-sized air conditioning vent (blasting on ‘high’)  installed OVER the equipment.

The BIG ISSUE I had was with the staff.  

Ok – I get it. You work with breasts ALL DAY, EVERYDAY– so there is a point where some topics are less taboo than others.  However…there should be a level of professionalism in all medical offices that keep conversations with patients away from personal topics.


Front Desk Clerk:
I understand you have breast implants..


Front Desk Clerk:
Ok. Well……not to pry, but where did you get them done? There is a girl in my office that really wants them but doesn’t know where to go.

Uhhh  (totally caught off guard) – Dr. XYZ. (Personally Thinking: Really? You are fricking asking me this in front of the lobby? Isn’t this violating some sort of HIPPA rule?)


Medical Technician (yes, handling my naked breasts):
Hey- I understand you have implants. Not to impose, but there is a girl in the office that wants them too. Where did you get yours done?

Me –
“Uhhhh….. (really amazed and dumbfounded at this point) – Dr XYZ”

Medical Technician:
Ok ok – I have heard great things about Dr. XYZ. Yours look fantastic , but I’ve seen others were horrible from other doctors so I'm taking an unoffical poll. A few weeks ago this patient came in and ….blah blah blah blah – (my ears bleeding at this point)


Wow. Ok – REALLY?!  2 out of 2 employees ask me about my implants that have nothing to do with the procedure I am having done? WTH?

This crosses the line of professionalism. It’s one thing for a group of girlfriends to discuss – but medical office staff? Get it together medical employees – plastic surgery is not up open for chit-chat discussion unless brought up by the patient.


Lady Jennie said...

Uh yup. That crosses the line.

However that said, I can understand them wanting to know if they come across a state of the art sample. :-)

By the way, I recently had one done and they did one of those ultrasound thingies on top of the usual x-rays. It was strange to have an ultrasound that was not on a huge pregnant belly.

Lacey said...

O man! Thats nuts. Do you know how much trouble we would have gotten into for questions like that? First of all, I think it definitely was a HIPPA violation to be discussion your implants at the front desk where other patients can hear. And then for her to tell you about another patient? Man, another HIPPA right there, even if it wasn't about a medical problem.

And of course very unprofessional to ask who your doc was. Maybe they were just talking small talk to get your more comfortable, but she could have talked about your cute bag you came in with or your super cute hair-do.

I'm 28, but call me crazy cause I really want a mammogram. My family has a history of breast cancer and that is the one thing I worry about. I don't care how young I am, check my breasts to make sure nothing is in there! lol. I'm also probably the only patient that makes an appointment for a pap before its even been a year since my last one. Probably the two most unwanted procedures and I'm waiting in line. lol

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Great point Lacey - I probably would have been ok with it if there was some conversation 'building up' to the personal questions. I wasn't traumatize - just surprised at how bold they were.

Results came back and all is excellent. Yay!