You Have a Yoga Butt.

In preparation of gaining strength for my upcoming military deployment, I have started going to Hot Yoga classes again. Which technically is only warm Yoga since the room is at 85 degrees – but anyways, I’ll just go with the term ‘Hot’ for now.

I used to be a Yoga-fanatic and was a Yoga instructor in Iraq during my last deployment. This was such an amazing experience and I loved being able to introduce the practice to new soldiers. However, when I got home I basically changed everything about my life (a totally different posting – I will share more of that at a later time, maybe). Yoga was one of many things that I walked away from. 

I am working my way back into yoga and am shocked at how quickly my body remembers the postures. Especially considering it has been about 5 years. I’m not an expert, but at my last class I was able to get back into the ‘Pigeon’ pose! I tried to do it again later that evening for darling, but it was not happening. Apparently the ‘hot’ environment is key to getting into this posture.

The photo above is the pigeon pose (royal style). No – that photo is not me. I wish I had photos, but those in yoga tend to get irritated when you start busting out your camera during class. 

So whats with the heading? One of the best compliments one can receive is that they have a yoga butt – which translates into a 'high and perky bottom'. Did someone say that to me? No. Well – at least not yet- but it is a goal!


Lacey said...

Yoga is not my thing! I wish it could be, but I look so silly doing it. I need to get into shape though, but I've been saying this for, o, about 4 yrs now. I really need some motivation, so maybe your blog is gonna help me!

BTW, I see your pic of you with the medical armband on. Are you a 4N0? I used to be a med tech before I got out 5 years ago. I miss it :( We are stationed up in Minot, and have been here 10 years now.

(and I stumbled across your blog via a friends' friends' blog lol)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I am a 4A, but I stil have plenty of patient interaction with chit-chat and transporting. I'll leave all of the blood and guts to everyone else :)

I sent you a note on your blog ;)

Lacey said...

To be honest, I enjoyed the paperwork part of my job the best! After I got out I was searching for a medical job that did NOT have blood and guts. I was pretty good with patient interaction, so I wanted to stick with that.

Now I said screw medical and aiming for teaching. One day soon I'll have my own classroom full of Kindergarteners.