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Napa Valley was so much fun – even though we picked the worst weekend to go (weather wise). It dumped rain from the moment we got off the airplane until we left. Thank god we were with dear friends, otherwise it probably would have miserable. This would be gi-normous posting if I covered everything – so this is a brief recap.

Isn't this gorgeous?

The view from our cottage
Trying to dodge the rain - again
The trip down was luxurious. We traveled 1st class to San Jose and then drove down to Napa Valley. The rolling hills of vineyards, mountains and olive trees were breathtaking.

Olive Trees

We visited the Castille de Amorosa (featured on The Bachelor!) – and it was so amazing. Incredible actually. The owner invested around 190 million dollars to recreate a Tuscan medieval castle. I was so impressed and actually thought it was older than 1993 until I realized there was hard plumbing and wiring throughout. Check out the story of this amazing recreation and amazing photos at:

Bathroom faucets

Let’s Play True/False:

MYTH: Wine tasting is free or has a price that can be applied to a bottle purchase
FALSE: Wine tasting in Napa is EXPENSIVE.  The majority of places were $15-25 pp to taste. And that did not always mean they would apply the cost to a bottle purchase. 

MYTH: Wine tasting is an easy going experience with tons of wine abound
FALSE: Napa is busy – even during the off season. The wineries were packed and there was a lot of waiting in between tastings. Next time I would purchase a glass or bottle and then enjoy the shopping at the wineries

MYTH: Napa Valley has orange trees and olive trees everywhere
TRUE! Uh-mazing. Darling and I had olives falling in our hot tub and all along the walkway of our cottage. I didn’t see anyone selling fresh olive oil though, so maybe they are more of a decorative olive down there instead of a flavorful one.

MYTH: You need a lot of money to enjoy Napa Valley
FALSE! Just buy a bottle and enjoy the grounds of your favorite winery. If I lived closer I would visit this beautiful place on a regular basis. Just watch out for the spendy tasting rooms.

Isn't she adorable?! Ms Vern's little clone

You always meet fun people at the wineries!

Wine tasting - it is an all day event.
Vern's Mr. J and Darling.

Vern and Mr. J - aren't they adorable?

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great photos girl!
cant wait to read all of your future experiences in germany and beyond ;-)

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