DIY hair job was a major success!

TRANSLATION:  I'm not bald and the color is 'better'.

Before coloring I rubbed in some of my magic Moroccan Oil (see earlier post) and applied the foam color.  The application was a off, but it did cover nicely with plenty left over.

SHOCKER: My hair is so soft and incredibly shiny – I can not even believe how great it feels.

I wish the color was a bit lighter and a tad more golden - but for the first use, I am totally impressed. I think after one or two more uses along with a color enhancing shampoo - I will be set.

Thank you John Frieda 10B for solving my international hair dilemma. I will be stocking up.

Looking at my picture I realize how badly I need a haircut. I am kind of liking the cut on the hair color box. Any thoughts? Do you think its too short?


Miss K said...

looks great! i think itf you dyed it again you'll get that platinum look you're going for. i LOVE the cut on the box, if i could rock it i'd be sporting it now.

Lacey said...

Love the color! And I think you should get your hair cut JUST like that pic. It would look fab on you.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I have a hair appointment today! Thanks for the advice - I'm chopping it.