I Fell Off the Clothing Wagon. Need Rehab STAT!

So after my last posting of wanting to downsize my closet, I found myself shopping today at Old Navy. This is a fantastic place to pick up cute workout clothes at an affordable price. I stocked up on yoga pants, running shorts and a cute turquoise yoga tank. 

My defensive reasoning thought was that I 'needed' new workout clothes, so that particular category did apply to the ‘closet purge’.

Next I was off to Sephora. I am in LOVE with Smashbox’s High Def foundation. This formula (I use L3) gives my skin a flawless finish and has the added bonus of SPF15. It is a tad spendy, but totally worth it.

What is my favorite lip gloss? Bare Essentials BUXOM in Bunny. This is a pretty pink that enhances your natural lipcolor without looking bubble-gummy. It is a mild plumper, feels & tastes a bit minty and stays on longer than other formulas. I go through this stuff like crazy! Each color has it's own unique pin-up - fun! 


laura said...

love smashbox. I use the primer, but this foundation semms to be great!. love your blog!


Elizabeth said...

I am obsessed with Buxom lipgloss! Bunny is my favorite one, too!