Another Glamour Loo and an EARLY PEEK at FALL FASHION

Yes - I'm taking another photo in the bathroom. I love GLAMOUR LOO's. Isn't the red tiles luxurious and sexy? I had to hurry while taking this photo - there was a mad German lady in the stall.
Here's FIFI "Ho-ing" it up on the train (enroute to the shopping district). She's become quite flashy lately. More on that later.

YAY! The first round of faux fur accessories and coats are beginning to show up. I can't wait to see what ends up in all of the stores.

I'm on the hunt for a camel/butterscotch shade faux-fur vest that doesn't look like I'm wearing a dead dog or chewbacca. There is alot of bad faux fur out there (hmm, that could be another posting - WHEN FAUX GOES WRONG).
Hunter Green and Magenta is showing up on the racks - along with butterscotch.  Paisley prints are popular too in the same color palette. That color would be considered hunter green, right? I was thinking teal, but that has more blue in it.

I loved this dress, but it wasn't practical so I passed.

Loved this big roomy handbag. Too bad it was pleather!

This dress was at H&M, and I thought it was hideous. It must look better on and accessorized. Right? Or is it just bad? See the hunter green in the background?

Wedge and low heeled boots everywhere!

I'm loving the tie-front booties. They would look great with knee socks, leg warmers or skinnies.

What you noticed in the stores for Fall in your area?

I'll be taking a ton of FASHION pics in London, so it will be interesting to see what styles are prominent over there. Any photo requests for London?

Anyone want to bet on me finding manpris over there??


Tassos P said...

Well, you may see what I notice in my area if you check my new post :)
I love that loo and the matter that Fifi is flirting with boys :)
Have a great Fall shopping season ;-)

Sarah Elisabeth said...

I love our fall collection at Lindex, lots of beautiful knitted sweaters, faux fur and plaid in colors like mahogany, burgundy, browns and greys! Check out and peek - so many nice things and you can shop online as well! ;)

Anonymous said...

The Glamour Loo is gorgeous! I assume it was one of those you have to pay to go into? My m-i-l told me all about those after she went to Italy.

And you ever have an "off" day? You always look so chic and gorgeous! I love all those fall colors - esp the "butterscotch"!

Thanks so much for the info about what's in stores. I haven't been to the mall in like, a month, so I'm obvio having withdrawals. If it weren't for the internet and mags, I would feel like I was living under a rock!

Helga! said...

Hahaha,yes please,I'd love a post on when Faux Fur Goes Wrong!!!
That IS a glam loo! Loos are such fab places to take pix,and I adore the flattering lighting!Unlike changing rooms!!!

Ramblin' Blonde said...

I love faux fur! I have a white faux fur vest and I love I love it! I am so jealous about your London trip. Have fun!! Thanks for entering my giveaway

Sarah Pearson said...

We used to call that shade of green 'bottle green' and it was my school uniform. It took me 20 years to love it again :)

Talitha said...

International manpris? I think you are on to something :)

That H&M dress just looks horrible....a very blah colour also.

I haven't embraced the fur vest, am a bit worried I'd look like a furry animal was attacking my upper body. I'll leave it to the experts

The Fashionable Traveler said...

I started pulling together my fall inspiration, and I'm working on a post is the black for me this fall.

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Greens and Magenta, Yay for colour I am so sick of grey and black for winter. Bring on summer and the bright fun colours. Love your toilet shot, that just sounds so wrong doesnt it.

xStroutx said...

Hehe glamour loo's. I love it! You look gorgeous and it looks like you have some exciting colour popping up in the clothes over there!