I have always loved Orange scents. Maybe its the pretty amber colored packaging, but you will always find something orange (or tangerine) based in my personal surroundings.

I recently purchased PACIFICA BLOOD ORANGE kit from Sephora. It's a bit on the sweet side, but it smells delicious once it has a chance to 'permeate'. 

On my WISH LIST is the new delicious fragrance by Lancome - 'Le' Orangerie'. Have you smelled this yet? Its light, energizing and sensual - all in one convenient bottle. Maybe if I think about it long enough, it will magically appear.

HAPPY and UPLIFTING - 'Orange' is the theme for today. Here's a smattering of visual inspiration to brighten your Monday:

One of my style inspirations - Sarah Harding, looking gorgeous in ORANGE

Doesn't Victoria radiate in Orange?

I love the flowy nature of this dress. It is both elegant and dramatic.
Dita looks romantic



Selina. said...

favourite base scent is probably vanilla, but not when it is overly sweet, i prefer it when there is just a soft and subtle note of it! as for colour pink is my go to, i used to wear it all the time and although i have left the gaudy pinks behind i still rock a cute and subtle nude pink.

just been reading your past entries from before i had found you and they are so funny!

The Fashionable Traveler said...

Great post! I love orange and grapefruit too! In fact grapefruit is my favorite french word...pamplemousse! But I'm partial to florals, jasmine, gardenia. My go-to scent is Calypso Mimosa! Thanks for your comment on my "Traveling in Style" always make me laugh.

Hannah said...

I have only just realised how much you look like Sarah Harding!! Stunning :) x

Jello♥ said...

you're so right! orange smells really awesome and energising! i love that sent to althought i have to say, personally, grapefuit does it best on me. awesome post1

= )

Talia said...

Okay, okay... I will admit orange is my least favorite color(aside from the "puke green" and other strange colors). However, this post has shown me various ways to appreciate it! Thank you! I really love the dresses in the 8th and 9th pictures.

But, I do find myself gravitating towards various shades of turquoise and teal. ;)

Sarah Pearson said...

Remove the model from that picture of Posh, and you've got an awesome book cover :)

Me, I love purple :)

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Fashionable Traveler! Have you tried the perfume 'MISS PUCCI'? It's vanilla, gardenia and orange - divine if I do say so myself.

Hi Jello! Have you tried Calyx from Prescriptives? It's grapefruit in a bottle! Its a classic and very invigorating.

Hi Selina! I'm so glad you're finding my older posts funny. Not everyone gets my humor, and sometimes its hard to convey with the 'written word'. I love pink too! I'm def a pink girl vs red.

Hi Talia - you know I'm obseseed with teal/turquoise too. Orange is not my color of choice, but its a fun alternative to spice things up once in awhile. It helps if you have blonde hair too.

Hi Sarah - thanks for stopping by. I love the plum purple shades -those are so pretty. Did you see the picture of Sarah where she was wearing both purple and orange? Odd and unique combo. Too brave for me!

Hannah - you say the nicest things!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm blood orange! Orange always smells so fresh. I love it, too!

OMG you and Sarah Harding could be twins (but not barfey twinseys!) ;) Seriously.

I guess my fave base scent would be vanilla, but the really pure kind. As in the scent of Victoria's Secret vanilla perfume from, oh, 1995. It smells wondeful - like you just dumped a bottle of vanilla extract on your arm. Also, VS made a scent in 2008 or so called "Slice of Heaven". OMG. So good. Unfortch, the Hubby hates for me to smell like food. He says he wants me to smell like a "woman". Does your hubby mind you smelling like an orange (or food?) Ha ha

Tiffany said...

This blog was right up my alley. As an Oklahoma State alum, I LOVE all things orange. I'd wear it every day if I could! I remember in college some friends from back home came to visit and after being in town for like 20 minutes, one of them looked at me and said, "Why is every freaking thing here painted orange??" Um...because it's perfection! :)


xStroutx said...

Ahhh yes, as you can probably guess from my hair I love all things orange!! Although I tend to gravitate towards reds and yellows (and lately lots of navy)in clothes. Maybe I'm just a bit fiery? :oP

You picked some gorgeous orange-spiration there1 LOVE the long flowy dress!!

Perfume-wise I tend to go for apple or green tea based scents. I like fruity and fresh perfumes.

Thanks for your comments on my blog - I'd never thought of using nesquik in baked goods until trying those whoopie pies either! And I'm still kinda figuring out the make-up with the new hair, haven't made too many changes yet.

Talia said...

Just came across this and had to share. Instantly thought of your blog post when I saw it. :)