In the crafters area of London, I found a small cart where a woman was selling handmade soaps. No big deal -right? You can find handmade soap everywhere.

Well....not exactly. Not quite like this. If you are in the soap biz (or want to be)....this is a clever take on your standard rectangle bar of soap.

You start with long cylinders of scented soap (Eucalyptus, Rose, Sandalwood and Vanilla)

Cut into 3' pillars and decorate by pushing in other soap shapes, coffee beans or in this case, miniature Rose Buds.
TA-DA. Arent' these pretty? And brilliantly packaged in ready-to-give gift sets. She was selling these like crazy.
See the cream ones with the rose tops? Those are actually wax covered cardboard and are sold as 'gift containers' for the soaps. Other container options included decoupaged (sp?) prints on small containers embellished with more rose tips.
This was her fabulous cart.  You could buy the soaps individually, but it seemed that the sets were the big sellers.  Like my sneaky photo skills? The only reason I was able to get them was because she was 'that busy'.

Has anyone made soap before? It's harder than you think it would be since the lye can be very dangerous. Soaps also work well as drawer sachets and last forever. I love the sandalwood or orange scents. 



Krista said...

These look beautiful! My favorite scent is either vanilla cupcake or anything fruity.

Miss K said...

they're so pretty! i'm not big into soaps or lotions, but maybe when i have my own place it will be good for the guest bathroom?

Anonymous said...

So pretty! I've never made homemade soap. I don't normally use a bar of soap per se (because they always feel slimey (sp?). But for body wash, I prefer a nice clean, sometimes floral scent. If it were up to me, everything would smell like fresh laundry, but that gives The Hubby a headache!

Liberty Walk Sara said...


Claudia Moser said...

Lavender is my favourite!

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

They are all so pretty I can only imagine how good the smelt.

Talitha said...

I've never seen anything like it, how unique.

My fave scent would be either rose petals, or orange :)

Talitha xx

Sarah Pearson said...

Those are pretty. I bought some soap recently which was transparent and had sprigs of lavender actually inside the soap. I couldn't bear to use it!