I received an AWARD! See who I tagged next!

Lucky me - I've been awarded THE BEST BLOG AWARD from the sweet and gorgeous Talitha from T Time Chatter. She is one of my many Australian besties. If you haven't read her her blog, it's full of fashion, ootd ('outfit of the day' for you newbies), general fun and my favorite - her cat La Chat! Here are the rules of the award:

Write 7 facts about yourself:
1. Fall is my favorite season - hands down. This season has the best clothes, food and colors!

2. When I lived in South Korea, I was cracking egges and two of them in a row had dead chickens in them. I couldn't eat eggs for 9 years.

3. I like to dress-up and tend to be overdressed for most things. I always wonder though am I really OVERDRESSED or is everyone else is UNDERDRESSED?

4. My coworkers are referring to my dorm room as the 'RITZ CARLTON' and my nickname at work is TINKERBELL 

5. I occasionally shop in the kids department since petite clothes are horrendous

6. I'm not a morning person and need a solid hour of caffeine intake to become friendly

7. I'm beginning to think I have A.D.D., which really explains alot

Favorite color: For clothes its currently army green with fall shades of rust/mustard/cream. If not that, than anything in white and grey are my wardrobe staples.

Favorite song:  Mongrel Heart by the BROKEN BELLS. I'm actually obsessing over the entire album. Its a modern blend of 80's bands like The Cure and The Church. It was released last year, but I just discovered it so it's new to me.

What is p*ssing you off: The rate of the Euro DOLLAR!!!

When I'm upset: I will work-out until I have an epiphany on either whats bothering me or what the best solution is. Sounds crazy, but it works every time. 

Favorite pet: Cats - and the fatter the better

Biggest fear: Losing my health or mobility. Could you imagine losing your arms? Horrible.

Best feature: My nails. They grow just like a natural French Mani.

Everyday attitude: What can I do next?

What is perfection: No such thing, but traveling somewhere new while enjoying great food & conversation comes close

Guilty pleasure: McDonald's ice cream cone 

HELGA VON TROLLOP: I love Helga, and stalk her blog on a daily basis. Her vintage outfits are over the top fabulous and her cat Pee-Pee usually sneaks into the photos. I can't wait to get back to the states so I can join in on her 'FROCK FRIDAY'

CONFESSIONS OF A FEMALE DRAG QUEEN: this Seattle based blogger is so gorgeous and has incredible make-up skills. In addition she makes incredible hats and accessories. I'm amazed by her unique outfits and feel like I'm part of a special club when I read her blog.

TANGLED IN TEXAS - I love seeing what great outfits are posted on this fabulous blog. Mrs. Texas's style can range from Stepford wife to Spanish Hottie. She features affordable pieces that all of us could pull off. 

THIS FREE BIRD- Carrie has a great fashion blog and of course, she loves cats too. Check out her recent post of how to make peach vodka Popsicles. YUM!

If you don't know the 4 blogs above, I hope you check them out, as I do nearly every day


Claudia Moser said...

Congrats and great answers!

Sarah Elisabeth said...

So nice that someone agrees with me! I LOVE fall but everyone else prefers summer or winter! I don't get it! I always tell people I'm going to get married in the fall under a huge maple tree because I love the color of maple trees in the fall! :)

Anonymous said...

First of all - great post! I love learning new things about all my bloggy buds! :)

Second, thank you so much! You're so sweet to nominate me.

Hope you have a wonderful week!

P.S. I don't want to eat eggs for a long time now. ha ha

Talitha said...

Everyone is underdressed! Haha, unless you are wearing heels at the hardware store....then you might be a tad dressed up

Yay...new blogs for me to stalk ;)


xStroutx said...

I have the same issue and have come to the conclusion that everyone else under-dresses. Congrats on the Award - well deserved!