Another round of FABULOUS postcards from my FABULOUS blogger besties! Check out what showed up in the mail!

Ms. Tiffany from  FIGURING OUT THE PLOT sent me this pretty postcard. She just returned from an amazing trip with her girlfriends - very inspiring and uplifting. Thanks for the postcard Tiffany - this brings back several memories. I lived in New Mexico for a year and have actually attended this festival twice. I've never actually been in a balloon - but I can say I was there.

My French bestie Ms. Emma from GAWGUS THINGS sent me this card all the way from PLYMOUTH, DEVON. If you are not familiar with this fabulous blog - you must stop by. One she's gorgeous - and two, her blog feature amazing outfits and interesting tips. Her recent post is about a 'FISH PEDICURE'.  No really - there is fish involved. Go look.

Awww... Ms. Lisa from THE WRITE JOURNEY. She is a great blogger-bestie, and religiously sends me notes, stickers and postcards. Who doesn't love that?! I even received a surprise care package from her. Oops - sorry Lisa, I just realized I never blogged about that.  Lisa is a fellow Washingtonian, and an author of two children's books. She has the overwhelming deluxe task of raising two grandchildren. Wait till you see her. She's drop dead gorgeous and oh so stylish. I heart you Lisa!

Ms. Leslie from LESLIE AND ZACH sent me this postcard from LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS! It was the business office for Bill Clinton. Thanks Leslie for sharing this postcard with us - I would have never seen this otherwise.  Have you seen Leslie's blog? She is so pretty and her and her husband are both going to school full-time. Super sweet blogger - stop by and say Hi.

If you read my blog, you probably know Megan from A SUITCASE AND STILETTOS. Oh how I love Megan - she is the most considerate blogger, and takes great pains to post on everyones blog on a regular basis. I have no idea how she does it. She recently moved from CHICAGO to follow the LOVE OF HER LIFE to NORWAY. Its been fun to read about her transition. Stop by and say hello.

All the way from JAPAN - Ms. Erika from CLUTTERHOLIC sent me this postcard of a YASAKA shrine in Kyoto.  Are you obsessed with ORGANIZING?? Or do you want to organize something but have no idea on where to start??? Check out her insightful blog for a myriad of solutions to fix your whatever your mess is. Thank you so much Erika - this is my first card from Japan!!

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Talitha said...

oh, so many postcards! And I loved Japan when the fiance and I went last year - I might even do a post about it.

I love seeing your postcards from around the world and introducing new blogs to read :)

Talitha xx

Tiffany said...

So glad that you enjoyed the postcard---and how crazy is it that you lived in New Mexico and I had NO idea! Such a small world! :)


Tassos P said...

My favourite is the one of Emma's who is also my blog-friend :)
You know I lived 5 years in Plymouth where I studied and for 2 years I crossed that park next to the lighthouse to go to uni :)
Emma was so surprised when I told her that hahaha.
Great memories :) and great cards.
It's time to send you one from Amsterdam then!

Anonymous said...

im so happy you got this!!! i thought for sure i placed it in the wrong outgoing box!!! still have to send you one from here sometime soon!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Talitha! Have you thought about doing a postcard program on your blog? It takes a bit of effort, but they are so much fun to receive.

Hi Tiffany - I only lived there for a year when I first joined the military. The town was called Clovis, and it was HORRIBLE. I voluteered to work in Korea simply to escape the panhandle. The balloon festival was the best part of my entire stay.

Hi Tassos - I can't get over what a small world this is. I'm looking forward to getting your postcart from Amsterdam.

Hi Megsters! You did it right?! I know its confusing at first to figure out the local routines and where to put things. Especially with the language barrier. It's really frustrating.

FOUR more postcards showed up in the mail today. 4! My coworkers think I'm so POPULAR! Ha. More blog love coming up next week ;)

Sarah Elisabeth said...

Have you gotten my postcards yet? I sent them a few weeks ago when I got back from Trondheim! Hope they get to you soon!

Lisa said...

Aw, you are such a sweetheart M! I've gotten a few postcards in the mail and will be posting them on my blog soon. I'm kind of holding out hoping for a few more to trickle in! :)