Classic German chalkboard beer sign. This will be a great 'white board' for my office back home. Shipping it home might be a bit tricky,....Did you know there is a 'chalk-mate' pen? Its writes like liquid chalk and wipes off easily. (6e = 6 EUROS)

Italian Coasters - all of these were 1e total!

These could also be used as tapas plates.

Messenger bag #1 (3e)

Messenger bag #2 (7e)

Cool stamped metal piece. This will look great in my house (8e)

Rustic wood storage box (5e)

Le Accordion - the close up (60e)

The first row of buttons sound Polka-esque, the 2nd row sounds Italian/Parisian. No name yet....

Rhinestone brooch - 3e

Rhinestone brooch 2e

Stone bracelet - 1e

Over the top faux pearl earrings. 1e

Original photo from Marilyn Monroe's calendar - 1955. (10e)

I also picked up some cute bell bottom jeans, and several military style jackets for amazing prices. Flea markets are a gold mine of goodies and bargains - its like 600 yard sales combined in one convenient location.

Do you go to the flea markets? Do you have any strategies or major scores from past trips?


Selina. said...

oooh those coasters are super cute! they would definitely be perfect for a spanish themed meal! I have never been to a flea market but i do love charity shops and car boot sales which i think are pretty similar.

also i took some awesome eurotrash photos today, will be posting soon.

Jello♥ said...

all this stuff is so amazing!! you have a great talent for finding treasures; i tell ya!

= )

Krista said...

Score! I love the coasters and your messenger bags. I wish Portland had flea markets I'll have to keep my eyes peeled!

Claudia Moser said...

The bracelet is wonderful and yes I am going to fleamarkets a lot :)))

Miss K said...

love the coasters/miniplates

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Wow girl you scored some amazing things. Flea markets in Australia are full of rubbish just cheap crap or maybe I just havent found a good one yet.

xStroutx said...

Wow! You got a great haul here! I never find such rad stuff at flea markets!

Anonymous said...

yayyyyy finally starting to get caught up on your posts (which is going to take me days...have i really been outta the circuit that long!??!?!).

i love your flea market finds! i need to peruse a flea market with you sometime LOL!

and did you ever get my postcard!? i think i put it in the wrong bin at the post office! aghhh lemme know!

Anonymous said...

OMG your finds are *amazing*! The Hubby and I love finding different/not new things when we're out and about/traveling. So jealous... ;)

The Fashionable Traveler said...

I love flea markets! It's one of my favorite things to do. I used to go to the Chelsea flea market in NYC often...so many great things, so little room to put them.

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...
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Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I have had MAJOR luck here - but then again, the flea markets are massive in size and do require a bit of digging.

After awhile I get over stimulated with miles of tables filled with random things. STRATEGY TIP: This is where a buddy comes in handy and can help you spot something fabulous. Eye glaze-over is a killer.

PLUS....I kind of like odd things so that works in my favor. How many people out there really want an orange messenger bag with a Knight on it?

They had swastica (sp?) and nazi stuff here. CRAZY!! Why would you even wan to be affiliated with that?? Rumor has it there are a ton of 'knock offs' and 'imposters' on war souveniers. U.S. based shows like PAWN STARS have made thrift/flea market shopping a booming business.

Next time you go vintage shopping and find great things - take photos and send them my way. We'll do a link up.