On Sunday I took a quick trip to the town of St. Goar which lies along the Rhine river and over 40 castles flank both sides.

Sad to say....but I've become NUMB to the whole castle scene. You see one, you've seen them all. This one was massive in size and had hidden doorways and tunnels everywhere. Like most, this was severely damaged during the war..... 

See how little the person is in this photo? It gives you an idea of how large this castle is.

See the archery target underneath? This place would be a Dungeons and Dragon's NERD fantasy.

See the castle across the river in the trees? They're EVERYWHERE

Finally! A professional photograph. One of my coworkers on the trip is a photographer and we did a mini shoot. This is the only photo I've seen so far. I like how the castle is reflected in my sunglasses.

I've been buying a TON of clothes and accessories in celebration of the upcoming FALL season. I'm hoping to have more photos taken so I can do a real layout of French and German trends for Fall/Winter.  Goal Date: September 10th!


Selina. said...

you look amazing in that photograph! also i am toates with you on the castle thing i get bored within about 3 mins.

also i did a eurotrash post on my blog its not a long one but i'm still working up the courage to take photos of people without them knowing! wish i had today though there was a woman on the tram wearing a pair of these but dressed up all super posh and pretty! i was very perplexed!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Selina!!

Ugghh - I can not stand those toe shoes. All of the military people wear them and swear they are the best shoes ever. I can't do it - they're hideous.

I'll run over to your blog and check out your EUROTRASH. How exciting!!!

tara said...

Yawn!? That castle is amazing!!

Miss K said...

ha ha ha disappointing, but probably true about castles! love the scarf and jacket combo!

this free bird said...

I can see where you'd be coming from on the castle front. I felt the same way after the 15th church/cathedral. Woops!

Your picture at the end is FABOOSH though.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I don't think I can ever get tired of castles! I've never actually seen one so I'd fall in love :)

Claudia Moser said...

Great tip for a weekend trip :)

Anonymous said...

i loveee castles, but i understand what you're saying! im more a scenic person anyways...i am 10 times more blown away by what God put on this earth than what people created for some reason ;) one of the reasons i love living in norway for sure!

i remember seeing the heidleberg castle with my parents when i was younger and i didnt "get" it...i was SOOO bored with it. but now they are cooler to me. a little bit at least!

Sarah Elisabeth said...

That is such a nice picture of you, and I just LOVE your hair! Really wish I could pull off short hair but you have to be petite or have distinct facial lines (if you know what I mean, like models) for that.

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

You hot little minx how gorgeous do you look in that photo :)

Tassos P said...

Hahahaha, I sooooo agree with you. I once did a long documentary for a channel in Greece about castles and after the second it was aaaall the same again and again. And honestly, they all look alike all around Europe.
Nice portrait indeed :)

Krista said...

I can't imagine Castles getting old but maybe it's like when I was in Peru and after a while all the ruins start looking the same :)

You are just gorgeous in that picture! Can't wait to see more of you TINK!

Theonlyfashionprincess said...

great pics! :)

would you please vote for me HERE by clicking "stem"? you're able to vote every day again and I'd be SO grateful! I really want to win xxx

Anonymous said...

OMG you are so chic! You look like a model!!!

"Castles, yawn" - too funny! Isn't it silly how we become so blase' about things because we're so used to them?

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Hi Everyone! All of you are so sweet - and great job Krista on throwing my nickname in.

I can't get over how nice the picture turned out. Honestly (I know I'm not supposed to say this),, but I think there was some 'adjusting' done. My bottom lip looks bigger than normal. Oh well, if celebrities get photo touch ups - why can't I?

If I find a COOL CASTLE, I will definetly post it. Especially one that still has the original furnisings - those are amazing. But if I keep seeing 'ruins', I'll just keep on driving.

I have some exciting news coming up.....stay tuned!!

Jello♥ said...

woa! girl! you look fab in this picture! totally! please give us some outfit posts! please!

= )

Lisa said...

Double yawn on the castles. I get bored with stuff like that too. I know we're supposed to be in awe of the structure and blah, blah, but I just can't do it. It's booooooring.

You, on the other hand "just walked off the cover of Vogue" ~ look fabulous! Stop that! You're making the rest of us look bad!!! ;)

But, I still heart you. XO