Excuse me, but you just left sweat on my arm.

London was my first visit to a LARGE city. Oh sure, there's Seattle, Paris, and Munich - but they have never seemed 'overly crowded'. There was always an empty spot to do the 'bob and weave' or to sit back and avoid the crowds.

London was PACKED - people were literally everywhere, all of the time. 

On DAY ONE I made the NOVICE MISTAKE of wearing a short sleeved shirt.

What was I thinking?

Everywhere I went I was SKIN-ON-SKIN with gross and sweaty strangers. In the tube (subway) I was nose-to-nose AND arm-to-arm. Sometimes bum-to-bum. EEK.

You know how you have your 'PERSONAL BUBBLE', and others are expected to STAY OUTSIDE of your invisible  'bubble'? 

For example...when you're standing in line at the grocery store, you expect the person behind you to stand 2 feet away. Anything closer and you find yourself fidgeting and getting annoyed. Can you relate to this space requirement?

Yeah...there's NO BUBBLE whatsoever in London.

The good news is I adjusted fairly quickly, mostly because of how NICE people were. At one point I was just pushing and shoving people out the way with no response whatsoever.

It's NORMAL to be shoved out of the way (can you believe it?) .

If you do happen to make eye contact, they simply smile and say hello. Awww, how nice! I LOVED London and would go back in a heartbeat. Granted that I'm wearing a long sleeved shirt and have on solid great-for-shoving shoes.  

At one point there was no pole space available left to grab, so you just 'lean' on strangers as you go from stop to stop.

People EVERYWHERE! This was at the tower of London - which really isn't a tower at all. Its a palace where the Kings and Queens  lived for nearly 900 years.

The stories of debauchery were over the top, and I have a new appreciation for English -Period type movies. The 'Other Boleyn Girl' is based on true events at the Tower of London. More pictures of the Tower will post tomorrow!



wait until the sunset said...

eewwwww!!! Thanks for the pre-holiday heads up! HUge comfy shoving shoes on the pack list!!

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Talitha said...

wow, that is crazy. I have people invading my space and generally give them a shove in the opposite direction.

I found in Japan it was crazy busy also on the subway, and other main tourist areas. But yes, so polite, not like here where you get evil eyed if you accidently stepped within 5 metres of their personal space

Selina. said...

"If you do happen to make eye contact, they simply smile and say hello. Awww, how nice!"
where in london were you!? that isnt normal London behaviour :P I felt too crowded living in London.


Krista said...

Your hilarious, no sweaty pits on me please!

I got my postcard, finally, beautiful castle, THANKS SO MUCH!!!!!

Miss K said...

ew, i hate when other peole's hair touch me. it makes me want to vomit.

the other boleyn girl is one of my favorite books! i love period pieces from that time.

Anonymous said...

How weird! I'm glad you came out okay though. :) It's good that everyone is so nice about it. I guess they just realize that there really is no room!

I was once at a Jessica Simpson concert when they called for people to come meet Ryan Cabrera in a section. Well, my friend grabbed me and yanked me along with here. All the girls started pushing and we were just standing there. All of a sudden, I couldn't breathe, so I began standing on my tiptoes gasping for air!

I seriously need a space bubble. I don't mind at all if people hug me when I meet them or something, but just random arm rubbing or standing too close at the store? No way.

Claudia Moser said...

Probably because of summer, we went last November and it was not so bad!

Sarah Pearson said...

I agree with Selina, the only people that usually smile at you in London are people you really don't want smiling at you!

Also, be thankful it was bum-to-bum and not bum-to-well, you know ;-)

That said, I adore London and miss it loads.

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I love your posts you always put a smile on my face and if I ever go to London I will wear a long sleeved top.

xStroutx said...

Well... I'm not sure how tall you are, but I'm a short-arse and I tend to be face to armpit height with people. HIGHLY unfortunate in crowded situations...

Heidi said...

ahh!! I hate riding on the DC metro during rush hour! Definitely know the nose to nose (or sometimes nose to armpit) feeling

Bibi said...

eeeek, that's a ton of people!

Haha, when you were talking about the Bubble, I remembered the last time my sister was at home. She said she had become so accustomed to leaving enough room to the person ahead of you in a line that people at home kept sneaking in front of her... :D

Interesting pictures, Michelle. Love 'em :)