Hissy Fits, Temper Tantrums and Chucking a Tanty

FIFI has been acting out for several weeks now, and I've finally figured out why.


Remember when I said Fifi threw a temper tantrum about having stickers applied? Well, she's never been quite the same.

A few weeks ago I left her outside out my dorm building while I ran up to my room for a quick minute. When I came back downstairs, she had THROWN herself onto the ground and laid there looking pathetic. Of course the front basket was BENT and the kickstand now works only on occasion. 

Geez..... I was only gone for a minute. It's not like it was raining out or excessively hot/cold outside. After a brief SCOLDING, we were on our way but not without noises, clicks and the occasional clang-clang. 

A few days later we went shopping with Beaten Betty (BB) who also witnessed this 'bitchy' behavior and asked FIFI what her problem was. As you can imagine, there was no response because she's a bicycle , so we chose to ignore her back.

I thought things were getting better with FIFI after we slipped away on Monday to Mannheim and Neustadt for an adventurous day of independent shopping. But Noooooo, I was wrong.

Yesterday during a leisurely train ride home (from another glorious day of shopping with Beaten Betty), FIFI rolls forward on the MOVING TRAIN and throws herself down on the floor right in front of everyone. All of my shopping goodies (a BAG OF APPLES. I know... of all days to be hauling around apples) goes flying down the center of the train. And...she clipped me with her pedal so now I have a flesh wound on my right shin.   

Ok. I see whats going on here. Is this what its come down to? Physical injury and APPLE TOSSING?   As Luan from Green Tea and Cupcakes would say insert Australian accent here, FIFI is "CHUCKING A TANTY". You're right Luan, she is chucking a stupid tanty and I finally figured out why.

FIFI is PISSED over where I store her. Now granted there is nothing glamorous about the BASEMENT LAUNDRY ROOM (with sewage pipes overhead), but its better than being outside. My room is on the 3RD FLOOR, and I refuse to haul her up the stairs. Plus, there's literally no room to keep her. You've seen my dorm room - it's a walk in closet with furniture. Sorry FIFI, I'm not budging.

So the drama will continue..............what could possibly happen next?


Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

OOOh poor Fifi, maybe you should give her a kiss and a cuddle before your ride her. Then she will know that she is loved and appreciated even though she is stored in the basement. If that doesnt work have a tanty back at her and teach her whose boss.

this free bird said...

OMG this freaking killed me! I'm hanging off my chair laughing. I hope Fifi doesn't wheel over here, fly through m window and lay an a** whooping on me. She's on a roll!


Talitha said...

baahahaha....Love it. Maybe you should give Fifi a time out. Or threaten to remove her privileges (outings and the like)

Bri said...

Oh Fifi! You're hilarious!

Tassos P said...

Poor Fifi is a bit confused cause it's all new for her just like you!
You know, she is a big and strong girl and she should experience a few adventures. My fiets is a veteran which is really been through a lot but keeps going and carrying me around.
She looks great, don't spoil her :) and she'll behave!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I think you guys are right....she is getting spoiled. No more shopping trips for awhile. Just quick jaunts to the library and bowling alley. That'll show her.

Michelle :)