Socks. Errr, I mean SOCKENS

I find humor in odd things. In this case, its the work 'SOCKEN' which is German for Socks. What I've noticed is that "KEN" is added to the end of many English words.

You know how when you don't know a Spanish word, so you say the English word and add an 'IO' on the end. For example, 'Where is the toilet-io?.  Where is the hotel-io?? Do you take credit cards-io?? We butcher the language, but its our attempt to communicate and to make words SOUND Spanish.

So here in Germany, I'm finding that if you add 'KEN' at the end of one syllable words and throw in a bit of phlegm, you're pretty much set.

FOR EXAMPLE: pants-ken, milk-ken, beer-ken, tea-ken'. GET IT? You too can now be fluent in German without all of the pesky coursework.

I found these sockens at the drugstore, and I LOVE them. I kills me that they have specific socks sockens for each sport. I passed up on the golf sockens and the tennis sockens..... but those too were available.

Trekking socken? That term makes me smile for some reason. What exactly is trekking? Hiking? I think the term SOCKEN is endearing. From here on out it is SOCKENS, and not socks.

Yes people, its sockens - embrace the term.  


xStroutx said...

hehe this is funny... what's the difference between the different types of socks i wonder?

Barby said...

Hi, thank you so much for your lovely comment! I'm glad you like my blog and my fashion posts. :)

Miss K said...

so weird how they have different socks for different things. i mean we have different sport socks and height variations, but it just seems weird.