EUROTRASH- a photo menagerie.

Every one's favorite  posting returns - EURO TRASH. Where I compile random photos that don't really fit with anything but deserve to be shared. Today's edition is a mix of people watching and genuinely random pics.

Forget medication, strap a harness on your wild child to keep them from running off. The best part is there were REINDEER BELLS on the front of the harness. You could hear him coming a mile away. It sounded like Rudolph was running down the street! People were smiling at him, so I think this is acceptable and somewhat normal practice here.

There is a whoooole lot of stuff going on. 

I know....another backside photo. I'm not very sneaky with taking photos, so this is usually what I end up with. These pleated front acid washed jeans are very popular. This photo was taken this week in France.

Manpris - they always make the EURO TRASH posting.

She was gorgeous, and I loved her unique style. See the MANPRIS in the back? I just now noticed that. See....they are everywhere!!!

Magnetic plants. It's a metal box with magnets and interchangeable plants. Brilliant idea, and there was a TON of people buying these at 35e ($50)!

The kitchen towels here have grommets for hanging. You could easily copy this idea for your own towels. No more bulky beach/bath towels filling up the towel rack and never drying.  Simple punch a hole and attach a grommet to your own towel. Use S-hooks to hang anywhere.

All restaurants have a lit menu panel outside next to the door. No more 'I wonder what the menu looks like' at a new restaurant. I wish the states did this!

French cookies! The Framboise (raspberry -hot pink) ones are my absolute favorite. Have you tried these before?
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Selina. said...

kiddie harnesses freak me out! they aren't dogs :/

also macarons = meganomz!!

Anonymous said...

OMG I love this!

The Kid Leash is hilarious! I keep threating the Hubby that I'm going to get a monkey one for Punkin' (but I'm totally not!)

The magnetic plants are crazy. It would worry me that the dirt would fall out. OCD, I know...

The grommet/s-hook idea is FANTASTIC!

I love when restaurants post menus outside. They kind of do it here in the states, but mostly in downtown or tourist-y areas like San Antonio and New Orleans. I just wanna know how much stuff is going to cost!

The macarons look delish and I love anything that's pink, but I've never had them before!

Have a great weekend! :)

Claudia Moser said...

I have a little surpise waiting for you on my blog under

Sarah Pearson said...

Hi, I came over here from Claudia's blog. I stayed for the cookies :)

Jello♥ said...

mmmm... macaroons!!! you HAVE to try them, ESPECIALLY if they're french!

= )

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

Menu's outide are fantastic then you know if you can afford to eat their and kiddy harness are disgusting I hate seeing poor kids strapped in them. Loving the Euro trash post yet again :)

Talitha said...

Am totally having a leash on my children when I have them haha, Awesome idea.

And I love macaroons, but they are quite expensive here (due to a famous che making them popular - boo)

Lisa said...

I'm not really crazy about the whole child leash thing. There was a lawsuit brought against a mother in the states a while back for dragging her kid with one. Now THAT, I would totally do! (just kidding) Turns out, they were just playing, and the child was having a blast. Anyway, there were times I thought one might come in handy with my own kids, but it just looks... wrong to me, so I never used one personally. But if it helps keep your kid safe in a large crowd or on a busy street, I say go for it. Better to look bad, then lose your child.

Bibi said...

Hahaha -- we used to have those Reindeer Harnesses growing up :) They still exist, how crazy!!

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...
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Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

I LOVE reading the various opinions of the child harness. I think it depends on the age and demeanor of the child. Some kids (especially little boys) are just wild and will take off. You're right Lisa - a harness is better than a lost child.

The reindeer bells are a bit over the top. You might as well strap on a flahing light too. Right? Thanks for the AWESOME award Claudia. I'll repost this weekend :)

Hi Sarah, Selina, Jello and Ms. Green Tea - thanks for stopping by!

Tangled in Texas - I laughed over the OCD comment with the dirt.I hadn't even thought of that! But you're right, how does the dirt not fall out?

Love the macaroons - I have yet to see them in the states so it was a treat to finally taste what all of my French friends had been swooning over!