LONDON'S CALLING....and they have my wallet

Next Saturday will be my 20 YEAR ANNIVERSARY in the Air Force. Can you believe it? I'm calling it my "20 on the 20th".  I am also off for 3 days in a row, so I've been pondering on what to do to celebrate this important milestone.


A few of my coworkers invited me to travel with them to LONDON for a long weekend of sight-seeing and also to watch the fabulous Broadway show WICKED (the untold story of the Witches of Oz).

LONDON? Really?? Truth be told, England has NEVER been on my 'list' of must-sees. The rate of the pound compared to the dollar is RIDICULOUS, and images like this:

AND THIS......

Ugggh, Fergie and her tacky London Bridge video



....have left me wanting to travel elsewhere. But then something as GRAND and WONDERFUL as this comes along and completely changes my mind:

AWESOME - I'm going to London!! So here is the TRICKY part of the trip:

1. I haven't traveled with any of these people before (there are 7 of us going - all different ages).  Everyone has thier own travel style, so there is a huge potential for frustration here. I think the best solution is to go off on my own and do my own thing without coming off as rude. Ultra tricky!

2. I have to share a hotel room with a nurse and her daughter. Have you seen European beds? What if all 3 of us are stuck in a tiny room, or worse - 1 large bed?!? Ahhhgh!

3. I'm flying on a small airline, so luggage is an ISSUE. I'm limited to a SMALL carry- on bag which has to include my purse. I have no idea how to pack for this.

4. It is CRAZY expensive in London. My wallet will be crying. Military wages hardly justify the amount of traveling I've been doing. Oh well....there will always be more money, right? 

The GOOD news is I can get along with just about anyone, and who knows .....maybe I'll finally see Prince Harry. Or maybe I'll have the opportunity to meet a royal. OMG - could you imagine? The visualization trick worked for the accordion, so I think I'll try the same trick with meeting ROYALS. Hey - it couldn't hurt, right?

Have you been to been or London or do you live there? Have you seen WICKED? I need help on where to go and what to see. Sure...I could research it like everyone else, but I'd rather get the inside scoop from you!


The Fashionable Traveler said...

Hi Michelle-
London was the first place I traveled in Europe...over 20 years ago for my high school graduation.

I can totally relate to your "royal" spotting, as bumping into Princess Diana was my biggest concern all those years ago. (You might get a kick out of my post. )

However, I did see her dashing brother Earl Spencer a few years ago. We had lunch together at Harvey Nick's! Well actually he was at the Sushi bar and I was in the restaurant.

Since then, I've been back to London many times for work. Surprisingly, there are many affordable places to shop---check out Primark for very fast fashion. And other high street stores like New Look and River Island.
But Harrod's and Harvey Nichols are worth seeing just for fun. Watch Ab Fab, to really appreciate Harvey Nick's...they are always talking about it...swee-tee!

Then there are always museums, the National Portrait Gallery is one of my favorites.

The food has always underwhelmed me too. The Foodhalls at Harrods are fun.

Have a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it.

LydiaTheStrange said...

I was in London the other day before the riots kicked into full swing. Depending on which stores have survived the riots, check out Selfridges for the sake of looking at pretty and expensive things, Forbidden Planet for strange and nerdy collectibles and the Japan Center for amazing imported goodies.

As for the food, if you were hungover, that full english would be a saviour lol.

My mum's going up to London next month to see Wicked and Les Miserables, I'm so jealous, even the sign on the building made me go 'WOW!'. :)

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

I love London but one word of warning do not under circumstances sit on the seats in Trafalgar Square as you will walk around london all day with pidgeon crap stuck on your jeans. I mean all day and night with crap on your jeans eeeeewww. Dirty little rats with wings I hate them.

Claudia Moser said...

Yes, been to London three times by now and loved it every time! And for sure so will you! Great idea!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you lucky girl! ;)

I hope you have *SO* much fun!!!

Hannah said...

You will ADORE London, it is magical :) (I like to think so :) ) ps. Those breakfasts are gorgeous, try one :) xx

Gawgus things... said...

Stay safe in London hun. It's awful what's going on in the UK at the mo and I'm ashamed to say I'm British :( Normally, London is a fab place to go so I hope you've had a great time xxx

Lisa said...

Oh how I wish I could give you loads of help on going to London. But, you know the farthest I've been from the US is, well, Canada. So, I'm not going to be ANY help to you on that front, but wanted to say "Have a fabulous time!" And I'll be waiting patiently (not so much) to hear all about when you return. :)

Bibi said...

It's been years since I've been in England last, but I love it, especially the countryside. I have good friends there, which might have something to do with it, too ;)

London was great, it's a very busy city. The Tower would definitely have to be on your list of things to see, and if you have time the original Madame Tussaud's -- I remember it being a great experience. (You might want to check into pre-ordering your tickets, though)

Have fun on your trip!!! :)
♥ Bibi

Miss K said...

how exciting! i just saw Wicked and it's great, i hope you enjoy it!!

Beth said...

Oh man! Tyler and I want to go to London so bad, but the money thing stops us. Sigh. Let me know how it is! Also, be careful because of all the rioting and stuff. Also, are you flying Ryan Air? It kinda sucks, but it soooo cheap. haha

Hot Pink Combat Boots said...

Fashionable Traveler - I LOVE your link posting. Wow, you and I are kindred spirits for sure. I left a comment on your blog.

Ms. Lydia - how scary for you. I'm hoping the riots quiet down, or else the military here will put the kybosh on me going. Everything I do here seems to require 'permission'. Oh, I don't believe you on the hangover remedy. No way. Bleh. Can't do it :)

Gren Tea - excellent tip on the bench situation. I would be so upset - especially considering I'm going to wear the same pants for 3 days.

Thanks for the tip on the tower Bibi - I'll check it out.

Hi Beth - yes, I'm flying on lame Ryan air. I can only bring a backpack that weighs 20lbs!!! My makeup bag weighs 20 pounds alone. Major dilemma.

This is an expensive trip, but going with 6 other people helps with the cost. For the weekend, the airfare, hotel (sharing a room - Hilton) and my ticket to Wicked is $500. I will never have to opportunity to travel to London again for $500 (at least from the states), so I thinks its a pretty good deal.

Beth said...

yeah that's a good deal. I flew Ryan Air to was ok...packing was the hardest part. I ended up carrying my purse on and Tyler and I shared a check bag...meaning a huge backpack he has. It worked out well