Everyone's favorite posting returns with the PEOPLE WATCHING EDITION.  (such a guilty pleasure). EURO TRASH is a photo menagerie of the GOOD, the BAD and the truly UNFORTUNATE. 

Lets just start it off wiht a pair of BAD MANPRIS.
Socks? Acid wash? Giant pockets? It's a crime.

Harem pants. I like the red and that she paired the billowing pants with a fitted solid color shirt. I want to NOT like this, but I think she looks stylish.  

OK....more harem pants? What do you guys think? Would you wear this? It seems like there is excessive bunching at her ankles, but with the short hair cut and messenger bag - I don't hate it.  

Bad layering skills. The demin skirt is too bulky to wear underneath the tunic. I think her friend might be telling her the same thing.

Here is that orange again. He's not fooling me either, I know these are MANPRIS rolled up. Nice socks.

I've been saving this one for a while. Of all places, this was taken in Metz France. Someone should tell her tights are NOT PANTS.

Wow. These are beyond MANPRIS and are more like acid-washed HIGH WATERS.

I love seeing older people on bikes. I think it keeps them young.

Barfy Twinseys

Crazy hair and a wife beater tank top in Munich

Extreme Barfy Twinseys

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Selina. said...

definitely thinking i'm going to have a euro trash post one of these days! also i am terrible for wearing leggings as trousers but i do at least try and wear black panties and a tunic top to cover my arse ;)

Talitha said...

Bahaha...I love it! What is with manpris?? It just makes you look short!
But the tights as pants....thats just breaking the law right there...crimeny just throw an oversize tshirt on or a dress over the top! Not so difficult.

Green Tea and Cupcakes said...

OMG, those tights are shocking. These post remind me of the Walmart emails you see.

Selina. said...

also i thought you might appreciate this picture ;)
i feel like all tights should come with this warning

xStroutx said...

Ha! I've seen someone walking around wearing stockings as pants before too... so awful

victoryvintageb said...

Oh it feels so good to laugh. THANKYOU!! The tights worn as pants really kills be then to the manpris again..I cry "W H Y ???" I enjoy these posts so much.

Miss K said...

i love these weekly posts! they just crack me up

Bibi said...

hahaha, the lady on the right in the last picture is so NOT wearing the right underwear!!! ;o)
really like the old man, thanks for posting him :)